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Working Families Refused to Be Silenced in the 2012 Election Despite Outside Spending

Working Families  Refused to be Silenced in the 2012 Election Despite Outside Spending

Election Day is behind us now (someone please tell Rep.  Allen West  [R-Fla.]), and there’s plenty to be happy about. Nov. 6, 2012, brought a wave of victories for working families and the defeat of some seriously scary candidates backed by billionaires and their deep pockets.

America's workers refused to let their voices be silenced by the  nearly $1.5 billion  in independent spending that poured into the election and  nearly every candidate  backed by Karl Rove’s Crossroads conglomerate lost. It’s tempting in this atmosphere to say that  Citizens United didn’t matter  after all, and that  unlimited spending isn’t a problem  in U.S. politics.  But let’s not jump to premature conclusions on the basis of a single election. Karl Rove  isn’t going anywhere , and there’s no guarantee the GOP and its billionaires will make the same stupid missteps next time around.

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Who's Funding American Crossroads?

Lately we’ve been talking about the  vast amounts of money  that the  super-wealthy  have been pouring into politics with the  hope of buying elections  for pro-corporations, anti-worker candidates who will further tip the scales of power against working people’s interests.

One of the key front groups for the 1 percent is Crossroads. “Crossroads” is actually multiple groups formed by former GOP operatives Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie, with the shared goal of electing anti-worker candidates. The most important entities within the Crossroads family are American Crossroads  and  Crossroads GPS

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American Crossroads President Falsely Claims Unions Spend More Than Super PACs

Steven Law's claims that unions spend more than Super PACs in elections is pretty interesting math.

Some folks have been trying to make political hay with the easy availability of union financial information. As noted in  an earlier post , however, The Wall Street Journal’s methodology in “discovering” the levels of labor union spending was fatally  flawed  and painted a false (and politically advantageous) picture.

And now Steven Law, the president of American Crossroads, a Republican super PAC, is using  ridiculous fictions to try to defend  the activities of the Karl Rove-backed group, claiming that the hundreds of millions of dollars that American Crossroads will spend on the election will somehow be dwarfed by what unions will spend.  

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Elections: The Myth of the Small Donor

Flickr photo courtesy of 401(K) 2012

“There is simply a better payoff by courting seven-figure donors,” said Matt Schlapp, a former White House political director for George W. Bush, in a Politico story Tuesday.

The story, “ Election 2012: The Myth of the Small Donor ,” details the meteoric rise of the mega-donor. Multimillion-dollar donations from people like Sheldon Adelson, Frank VanderSloot and the Koch brothers are “quickly diminishing one of the few avenues—outside of voting—for average folks to shape elections, help determine candidates’ viability and affect the course of the country.”

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Deconstructing Campaign Finance: Most Americans Unfamiliar with Outside Campaign Spending

With less than 100 days until the election, campaign finance is a topic that everybody in Washington, D.C., and on TV is talking about. Yet according to a  recent poll by the Washington Post  and the Pew Research Center, most Americans are unfamiliar with outside campaign spending and don’t know important terms and concepts.

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