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The Cause He Died For

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library of Congress.

It's been 50 years since President Lyndon B. Johnson announced his "War on Poverty." It was a time when the nation redefined its values, extending to millions of people the chance at last to be a part of the American Dream. A half century later, we have made enormous progress. But we still must do more to extend opportunity to those who live on society's margins. With patience, persistence and partnership, we can create economic opportunity for every person willing to work hard for it.

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Labor’s OIG ‘Concerned’ About Safety Agencies’ Resources

September 1908 coal miners in Gary, W. Va./wikimedia

In its semi-annual report, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) says it is concerned that the two key federal agencies charged with protecting workers’ health and safety have the resources and ability to meet their workplace safety obligations.

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Women's Bureau Is Listening

Women's Bureau Is Listening

Fifty years after its release of a major report on the status of women, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Women’s Bureau wants to hear the experiences of working women today. 

Tell your brief story here

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Lawsuit Seeks to Ensure Fair Wages for Migrant Workers

Photo courtesy of UGA College of Agriculture

Centro de los Derechos del Migrante (CDM) filed a class-action lawsuit Wednesday against the Labor Department to ensure that migrant workers get fair wages. Earlier this year, the department instructed employers that they were required to pay H-2B visa workers market rate wages, but CDM says recently the department reversed this policy and told employers they could pay these workers wages below market value. The lawsuit seeks to overturn this policy change.

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Working During the Holidays? Know Your Rights

Working During the Holidays? Know Your Rights

This time of year, many people hold temporary or part-time jobs helping retailers and other businesses with the heavy demands of the busy holiday shopping season. It’s a great opportunity to gain valuable work experience, get a foot in the door for long-term employment or just earn extra cash.

Workers not familiar with this type of short-term arrangement may have questions related to their employment.

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House Bill Would Block DOL Rule to Protect Workers’ Retirement Savings

Photo via Alliance for Retired Americans.

A bill (H.R. 2374) set for a vote in the House Tuesday would delay and could ultimately thwart the Department of Labor’s effort to protect workers’ retirement security. The DOL wants to close loopholes and update the rule that protects workers from deceptive or abusive practices whenever they seek investment advice about their retirement savings

Call Congress at 1-888-912-5898, ask for your representative’s office, and urge him or her to protect workers’ retirement security and oppose H.R. 2374.

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Perez Says, ‘Empowered Labor Movement’ Vital to Economic Security

“The labor movement,” Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez told delegates to the 2013 AFL-CIO Convention in Los Angeles this morning, “is one of the greatest forces for middle-class economic security."

An economy that grows from the middle out can only be achieved if we continue to have a dynamic and empowered labor movement in America.

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Labor Nominee Stresses 'Jobs, Jobs and Jobs'

Labor Nominee Stresses 'Jobs, Jobs and Jobs'

Thomas Perez, President Obama’s nominee for secretary of labor, told the Senate Judiciary Committee today his top priority, if confirmed, would be “jobs, jobs and jobs.” Perez also told the panel:

The mission of the Department of Labor is the mission of America…building ladders to the middle class.

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Georgia School Workers Win Battle for Denied Jobless Benefits

Photo by DeLane Adams

More than 4,000 Georgia education workers who have been wrongfully denied unemployment insurance benefits since a 2011 ruling by the state’s labor commissioner will collect more than $8 million in back payments.

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Trumka: Perez a Strong Pick for Labor Secretary

Thomas Perez. Photo courtesy of

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka reacted today to the news President Obama will nominate Thomas Perez as the new secretary of labor:

Working men and women will be well served by President Obama’s choice of Tom Perez to lead the Department of Labor.

Throughout his career, Perez has fought to level the playing field and create opportunities for working people, whether in the workplace, the marketplace or the voting booth. He has worked to eliminate discrimination in housing, provide access to education and health care, end hate crimes, crack down on employers who cheat workers out of wages and expand our democracy by protecting the fundamental right of every American to vote. In the 1990’s, he worked on the front lines of the effort to pass comprehensive immigration reform under the leadership of the great Senator Ted Kennedy—a job that will serve him well in today’s drive for commonsense immigration reform.

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