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Ohio AFL-CIO Takes Steps to Ensure America's Tax Dollars Support Good Middle-Class Jobs

Ohio AFL-CIO Takes Steps to Ensure America's Tax Dollars Support Good Middle-Class Jobs

At its 29th biennial convention on Tuesday, the Ohio AFL-CIO unanimously approved a resolution in support of the Jobs to Move America program. 

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Ohio Working Families Kick Off 2014 Election Mobilization

Today the Ohio AFL-CIO unveiled a new video to launch its 2014 campaign to mobilize and educate working family voters for the fall elections. The video highlights the battle over Gov. John Kasich’s (R) efforts to end collective bargaining rights for the state’s public employees through 2011 legislation known as S.B. 5. It offers viewers a review of the S.B. 5 protests and the successful campaign to repeal it by an overwhelming 61% to 39% vote in November 2011.

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Ohio Extremists Looking to End Government Transparency and Sell Elections to the Highest Bidder

Tim Burga

Anonymous extremists in the Ohio legislature are attempting to change the laws to increase the influence of independent groups in government and make it harder for average Ohioans to know what their government is doing or have any influence on that government.  According to Tim Burga, president of the Ohio AFL-CIO, an anonymous amendment was submitted to a bill currently before the legislature that would eliminate an administrative rule governing campaign finance.  This would mean that contractors working for or attempting to work for the state can spend money trying to influence the outcome of elections of the very people who would potentially give them state contracts.  Furthermore, Burga said the repeal of the administrative rule would make groups that make independent election expenditures no longer required to disclose who made contributions to them.

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Ohio Extremists Next Target? College Athletes

Photo courtesy WFIU Public Radio on Flickr

Not content to only go after collective bargaining rights, pensions and voting rights, the extremists in Ohio are targeting a new group of their state's residents, attempting to pre-empt any attempt by college athletes to organize and express their rights. After the National Labor Relations Board ruled that players at Northwestern University were employees of the school, and could thus form a union, Ohio's right-wingers took action to try to stop athletes at Ohio colleges and universities from following suit, proposing a bill that would specify that college athletes aren't employees in Ohio.

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Meet Ohio’s Newest Organizer

Jennifer Lewis has seen what can happen when workers don’t have a voice on the job. Her mother was fired for standing up to her boss. Now, as an AFSCME Council 8 organizer and recent graduate of the Organizing Institute, she’s helping Ohio workers win the voice her mother didn’t have. She says:

My Mom stood up and so am I.

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ALEC Pursuing Radical Corporate Agenda While Working Families Protest

The Center for Media and Democracy today released a new report on the American Legislative Exchange Council, examining the extreme conservative organization's powerful and growing influence in the states. The report identifies more than 450 bills introduced by state legislators that copied ALEC's model bills, with West Virginia and Missouri leading the way with the most bills. Across the nation, 84 of these proposed laws passed.

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Union Veterans Lobby at Ohio Statehouse for Job Opportunities for All Veterans

Union Veterans Lobby at Ohio Statehouse for Job Opportunities for All Veterans

This post originally appeared on the Ohio AFL-CIO blog.

More than 20 union veterans and members representing each branch of the military, along with the group Veterans Helping Veterans & Others Inc., met near the Ohio Statehouse today before heading out to meet with 10 senators to discuss gaining support for Senate Bill 13 (S.B. 13), the Veteran Opportunities Act, sponsored by Lou Gentile (D-Steubenville).

Update: Ohio Gov. John Kasich issued an order to state agencies they must consider veterans' military skills and service for civilian job licensing and college credits.

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Ohio GOTV Makes 800K Contacts in Final Push

In a huge voter outreach push in the final days of the election cycle, the AFL-CIO political program in Ohio completed more than 800,000 voter contacts. That far exceeds previous election years. The unprecedented level of voter communication capped the massive effort under way since Labor Day that reached more than 2 million Ohio voters with 80,000 volunteer shifts.

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Will You Join AFGE's Augusta Thomas This November?

Ninety-year-old Augusta Thomas, national vice president for women and fair practices at AFGE, knows each step gets her closer to helping elect candidates who will work for working families.

Thomas is canvassing in Cleveland, telling America's workers what's at stake for them and their families in this election.

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Clear Channel Refuses to Take Down Voter Suppression Billboards

Clear Channel Refuses to Take Down Voter Suppression Billboards

Communications giant Clear Channel—bought by Mitt Romney’s former firm Bain Capital in 2008—continues to refuse to take down billboards in Ohio and Wisconsin that voting rights experts say have just one purpose: to intimidate and suppress the African American and Latino vote in those two states. Those votes could mean the difference between President Obama winning re-election or Mitt Romney taking the White House.       

Sign a petition from Color of Change to Clear Channel demanding that it take down the billboards.

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