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Prayer Vigil Calls on Congress to Extend Unemployment Insurance Now

Holding white carnations high above their heads to symbolize the nation’s millions of jobless workers—including the 6 million facing the loss of their unemployment insurance (UI)  benefits Dec. 31—more than 2,000 union, faith and community activists committed their faith and action to demand Congress act now to extend the emergency lifeline for the jobless.

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Join Day of Action and Prayer to Extend UI Now

Tomorrow in a prayer vigil on Capitol Hill and at actions at dozens of congressional offices around the nation, workers, activists and people of faith will demand Congress act now to extend long-term unemployment insurance (UI) benefits that expires Dec. 31. As many as 6 million people could lose their benefits next year if Congress does not act.

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Jobless Rate Drops to 8.6%, Economy Adds 120,000 Jobs

The nation’s unemployment rate in November fell to 8.6 percent down from October’s 9 percent and the lowest since March 2009. The economy added 120,000 jobs last month, according to the latest figures released this morning by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

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Unemployed Workers Deliver 75,000 Petitions to Capitol Hill, Demand Action on Jobs

Unemployed Workers Deliver 75,000 Petitions to Capitol Hill, Demand Action on Jobs

Some 200 unemployed workers converged on Capitol Hill yesterday to demand that Congress act immediately to extend unemployment insurance (UI) to those whose benefits are due to expire, but who remain unemployed in what has been termed a “jobless recovery.” Unless Congress reauthorizes the federal UI program before Dec. 31, millions of Americans will find themselves with no income at all.

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New Tool Helps Jobless Workers Start a New Chapter

When your job gets shipped overseas, you want help fast. You don’t want to decode reams of fine print to get that help.

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Tell Congress: Extend UI Lifeline for 6 Million Now

If Congress doesn’t act to ensure 6 million longtime jobless workers don’t lose unemployment insurance (UI) next year, 2 million people desperately seeking work will lose the lifeline that’s helping them and their families get by on Jan. 1.  Another 4 million will run out of help week by week next year.

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One Union Worker from Omaha Says: We Need ‘Made in America’

Bill Redler of Omaha, Neb., knows both the hard times of the American construction worker today and the right way forward.

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As Unemployment Aid Sets to Expire, Jobless Worker Says: ‘All of Us Need to Stand Together’

Terry Maile’s supervisor called her into a conference room with all of her co-workers to hear the news: It was their last day of employment at Level 3 Communications in Pittsburgh.

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Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders Not Immune from U.S. Jobs’ Crisis

Emmelle Israel, AFL-CIO Media Outreach fellow, sends us this.

“Unemployed, Not Undeserving”—the first-ever congressional briefing on Asian American and Pacific Islander unemployment and job creation—yesterday brought to light issues of long-term unemployment, income inequality, and the need for bold jobs legislation as it relates to Asian American and Pacific Islander workers.

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The Conservative-Created Jobs Crisis

Combine Friday’s dismal jobs report that showed the economy added just 80,000 jobs in October with recent unemployment reports and the evidence is clear that job creation is just not taking off.  If this recovery followed the pattern set by other recessions, the nation should be seeing about 300,000 new jobs every month.

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