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Walmart’s Black Thursday Hits Paducah

Check out this graphic on AFL-CIO's Facebook page.

Berry Craig, recording secretary for the Paducah-based Western Kentucky AFL-CIO Area Council and a professor of history at West Kentucky Community and Technical College, is a former daily newspaper and Associated Press columnist and currently a member of AFT Local 1360. Craig sends us this.

James Vetato planned to spend Black Friday wearing out shoe leather on a picket line at the Southside Walmart in Paducah, Ky.

"Now I'll be there Thanksgiving night, too," Vetato said. "Walmart has announced it will be open at 8 p.m. Thanksgiving night, which will prevent a lot of the associates from spending the holiday with their families.”

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Creating Jobs the First Step to Ending Inequality in America

Adele Stan, a journalist and lifelong member of the labor movement, reports on a timely forum on inequality and jobs at Georgetown University today.

In Washington, D.C., as in dozens of other U.S. cities, the 99 percent movement is inescapable, even in the politest of venues, as demonstrated today at a forum titled “Jobs, Inequality and the Role of  Government,” sponsored at the Georgetown Law School. The movement’s  chant, “We are the 99 percent,” is meant to draw the distinction between the average American and the top 1 percent who possess 42 percent of the nation’s  wealth.

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Jobs Council Calls for Infrastructure Action, Training, Investment to Spur Job Growth

The President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness issued a 52-page report today on what it calls “Five Commonsense Initiatives to Boost Jobs and Competitiveness.”

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Poll: Public Supports Taxing the Richest

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) blusters about not passing the American Jobs Act because he and other Republicans don’t want to raise taxes. But the Jobs Act would only raise taxes on the very richest of the rich—and that’s what he and other corporate puppets don’t want.

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From Oregon to Maine, America Wants to Work Actions Take Off

Yesterday in Coos Bay, Ore., near the U.S. McCullough Bridge where repair work is desperately needed on the 74-year-old span, Oregon union and community activists rallied to urge Congress to stop playing political games and start investing in important infrastructure projects, like the McCullough Bridge. The Oregon AFL-CIO says repairs stopped halfway across when funds dried up.

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Back by Popular Demand: The Recall

This is a cross-post from the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO blog by Karen Hickey in AFL-CIO Field Communications.

The Wisconsin State AFL-CIO endorses the efforts of a citizens group, United Wisconsin, to recall Gov. Scott Walker.  United Wisconsin announced today that it will lead efforts to recall Gov. Walker.  The group currently has 202, 516 online pledges to recall Walker. Petitions for signature collection will begin circulating on Nov. 15. 

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America Wants to Work, Republican Senators Say, ‘No’

Today, Senate Republicans are set to go on record that they don’t support putting Americans back to work when they vote against President Obama’s American Jobs Act. By casting a ”No” vote, they also will oppose middle-class tax cuts and will refuse to ask the nation’s millionaires to pay their fair share.

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Senate Votes Today on China Currency

The U.S. Senate today will vote on a bill (S. 1619) to hold China accountable for its job-killing practice of currency manipulation. According to new data, 2.8 million American jobs were lost or displaced over the past decade due to the growing U.S. trade deficit with China—fueled by Chinese currency manipulation. (Call your senators today and urge them to vote for S. 1619 or click HERE to e-mail your senators.)

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South African Delegate Joined Young Workers at Next Up Summit

This is a cross-post from the AFL-CIO Solidarity Center.

Sisanda Mbokotho, a representative of the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU), the nation’s largest union, led a workshop on global worker solidarity at the AFL-CIO Next Up Young Workers Summit.

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CWA Co-Sponsors Special Panel on Jobs and Innovation

Tomorrow Today, at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., some of the nation’s leading economists, educators and union leaders will take part in a special panel discussion, “Jobs, Inequality and the Role of Government: Improving the Economic Competitiveness and Innovative Capacity of the U.S.”

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World Premiere of New Mother Jones Play Opens Oct. 12

The Theater of the First Amendment will present the world premiere of “Can’t Scare Me: The Story of Mother Jones at Washington, D.C.’s Atlas Performing Arts Center beginning with preview performances Oct. 12 and 13 and running through Oct. 30.

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