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Walmart’s Black Thursday Hits Paducah

Check out this graphic on AFL-CIO's Facebook page.

Berry Craig, recording secretary for the Paducah-based  Western Kentucky AFL-CIO Area Council  and a professor of history at West Kentucky Community and Technical College, is a former daily newspaper and Associated Press columnist and currently a member of AFT Local 1360. Craig sends us this.

James Vetato planned to spend Black Friday wearing out shoe leather on a picket line at the Southside Walmart in Paducah, Ky.

"Now I'll be there Thanksgiving night, too," Vetato said. "Walmart has announced it will be open at 8 p.m. Thanksgiving night, which will prevent a lot of the associates from spending the holiday with their families.”

Help spread the word about Walmart strikers by sharing the United States of Walton infographic (above) on Facebook

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How Many Jobs Will the U.S. Lose if Romney Is Elected?

How Many Jobs Will the U.S. Lose if Romney Is Elected?

According to a Cornell University study of janitors and security guards , when service sector jobs are outsourced, even within the United States, workers in those jobs are paid lower wages and receive fewer health benefits.

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United Steelworkers Celebrate Victory, Philadelphia Refinery Stays Open

USW marches to keep the refinery during the Nov. 5, 2011 community walk through Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania.

Things looked bleak for United Steelworkers Local 10-1 last September when Sunoco Inc. announced it would shut down its Philadelphia refinery if a buyer was not found.  But after a hard-fought, ten-month campaign waged by the local and international union, USW Local 10-1 members ratified a contract with a new owner, Philadelphia Energy Solutions, which is a joint partnership between The Carlyle Group and Sunoco.

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Obama Filing Unfair Trade Complaint Against China on Its Duties for U.S.-Made Cars

Here's good news (from the Toledo Blade ):

Demonstrating a tough line on trade with China, the Obama administration will file an unfair trade complaint today against China's new duties on some American-made cars and sport utility vehicles, including the Toledo-made Jeep Wrangler.

A senior administration official told The Blade Wednesday the United States will file the case with the World Trade Organization in Geneva, accusing China of putting illegal duties on $3.3 billion worth of U.S.-made auto imports.

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Republican Gov. Snyder Vetoes Bills that Would Cause Voter Suppression

Michigan Gov. Snyder signs the 2011-2012 budget. Photo courtesy of Gov. Snyder's website.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder  vetoed  three controversial election reform bills Tuesday—going against his fellow Republicans—that would have made it  difficult  for legitimate voters to participate in elections.

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Made in America, Our Stars and Stripes. Happy July 4!

Made with pride.

Made to last.

All-American and All-American made.

The U.S. flag.

On July 4, we salute the women and men at this New Jersey factory (video) who create our star-spangled banners, our military troops who ensure our flag is still flying and all America's workers who toil to build this country with pride.

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Take Action to Support Locked-Out Con Ed Workers

New York City Central Labor Council

Some 8,500 workers locked out at Consolidated Edison Power Co. after contract negotiations stalled Sunday, say they hope the company's promise to go back to the bargaining table on Thursday  means management is serious about bargaining a fair contract. The power company wants to replace pensions with a 401(k)-type savings plan, according to the New York Post , and the workers, meanwhile, are asking for a 4 percent pay hike, said union spokesman John Melia.

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Young People Succeed in Keeping Student Loan Interest Rate Low

Photo courtesy of the Young Invincibles blog

This is a cross-post from Young Invincibles.

Last week, Congress took an unusual bipartisan step and voted to keep interest rates low on popular subsidized Stafford Loans.

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U.S. Public Tells Corporations: Make It in America


Survey after survey shows the public wants corporations to stop sending jobs overseas and hopes the federal government takes action to get jobs back to this country, as demonstrated in a recent compilation of polling data by Ruy Teixeira at the Center for American Progress Action Fund.

Ninety percent said keeping jobs in America was either one of the most effective steps (59 percent) or a very effective step (31 percent) that
the government could take to improve the economy. The 2011 Pew Mobility survey also showed the “Keep jobs in America” option was ranked first out of 16 possible steps the government could take to make sure people don’t fall behind economically.

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Thousands of California Union Members Protest Walmart

Flier from the Los Angeles march against Walmart

This  weekend thousands of California union members, working families and community leaders marched in Los Angeles protesting Walmart’s plan to open a store in the historic Chinatown neighborhood.

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Made in America: Here's What You Say



Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve highlighted American products, jobs and stories for our Made in America series, and we asked for your thoughts. Earlier in June, we rounded up what you told us are your favorite USA-made goods, here . This time around, there have been lots of great comments supporting Buy American, and a few questions.

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