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AFL-CIO Commits to Reforming Bankruptcy Laws and Ensuring Retirement Security for All

Young activist attends Patriot Coal rally.

Bankruptcy laws are rigged against working people. Employers, corporations and lenders often exploit these laws to weaken our retirement security, cut health care and leave young workers saddled with student loan debt, without the prospect of a good job or the ability to discharge the debt through bankruptcy. 

Today, the AFL-CIO passed a convention resolution addressing the need to reform our country's bankruptcy laws to better shield workers from harm in the form of broken pension and health care promises and to diminish economic hardship that comes from these bankruptcies. 

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Economic News Roundup

Economic News Roundup

The Economic Policy Institute (EPI) has released a lot of important research about the economy in the past few weeks. Here's a look at some of the key pieces it uncovered about the U.S. economy.

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Most Working Families Say Strengthen, Don’t Cut, Social Security

On today’s 78th anniversary of Social Securitya new survey (see video) from the National Academy of Social Insurance finds that most of America's workers support increasing benefits, protecting benefits against inflation and lifting the Social Security tax cap so that wealthy people pay their fair share as working families do now.

You can add your voice to the call to strengthen, not cut, Social Security by signing this petition from the Alliance for Retired Americans.

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Happy Birthday, Social Security! More Important Than Ever

Photo by the Wisconsin AFL-CIO

This week, we celebrate Social Security's 78th anniversary. There is a lot to celebrate. For nearly eight decades, Social Security has provided seniors with a secure retirement income and prevented retirees from falling into poverty. Social Security lifts more than 21 million Americans out of poverty, including over 14 million seniors. It is doing just what it was designed to do.

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Help Keep Social Security Strong on Its 78th Birthday

Help Keep Social Security Strong on Its 78th Birthday

Social Security turns 78 on Aug. 14 and you can join the celebration and help ensure Social Security stays strong for years to come by signing this petition from the Alliance for Retired Americans
Alliance Executive Director Edward C. Coyle says that thanks to Social Security, millions of seniors are able to pay their bills, buy groceries and maintain their independence. But proposals to cut those vital Social Security benefits through schemes such as “chained” CPI threaten seniors and others who rely on Social Security. 

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Trumka Says Wall St. Has Not Been Asked to Contribute a Dime in the Name of 'Shared Sacrifice,' Revenue Neutral Tax Reform Is 'Offensive'

Photo by Kevin Dooley/Flickr

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka called on corporate America today to pay its fair share, saying, "At a time when the 1% have demanded so much sacrifice from working people in the name of deficit reduction, we must ask something of big corporations. That means “revenue positive” corporate tax reform that raises significant amounts of new tax revenue."

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A Rocket Scientist’s Formula for Social Security

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to come up with a formula to strengthen Social Security, says rocket scientist Rush Holt. Holt, who is also a U.S. House member from New Jersey and a candidate for the U.S. Senate, says we don’t need to raise the retirement age or cut benefits, just lift the cap on the Social Security tax so millionaires and billionaires pay the same rate as working families. Take a look as he explains it in this video. 

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On Medicare's Birthday, Let's Pass the Commonsense Medicare Drug Savings Act

Photo courtesy of the Alliance for Retired Americans/Flickr

As working families celebrate Medicare's 48th birthday, the Alliance for Retired Americans and other advocates are urging Congress to pass the Medicare Drug Savings Act. 

Read some powerful stories about people who would be affected by Medicare benefit cuts

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Mainstream Media Really Like the Idea of Cutting Your Social Security Benefits

Photo by the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare

Sick and tired of hearing and reading news stories about the pressing need to cut your earned Social Security benefits? So are we. Media Matters shed some light on this fatigue by pointing out a whopping 68% of media coverage on Social Security in the first six months of this year focused on cutting, not strengthening, benefits. 

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Contest Backfires on Social Security Privatizer

Oh, the sweet irony.

Pete Peterson is the conservative billionaire who is a major financier in the effort to dismantle, cut and privatize Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Recently he and his foundation held a contest asking folks to submit videos on why it is important to “fix” the national debt of which, he and his foundation falsely claim, Social Security is a major contributor.  

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