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Former Coal Miner Out-Mobilizes Millionaire in Big Win for W.Va. Workers

Can a former coal miner win an election against a millionaire? Just ask Clyde McKnight.

A retired coal miner from southern West Virginia, he worked for more than 30 years in the mines and currently serves as the South Central AFL-CIO president. McKnight defeated millionaire and former gubernatorial candidate Melvin Kessler in the Democratic primary by a razor-thin margin of 52 votes this past Tuesday, a win in large part to the grassroots efforts of working people.

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Maine's Gov. LePage Exempts Himself from Pension Cuts

In Maine, state employees are being forced to pay more in contributions for their pensions, but one isn’t: Gov. Paul LePage. He exempted himself from the new pension formula, reports Mike Tipping in the Kennebec Journal.

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Labor, Politics and Brazil’s Transformation

Labor, Politics and Brazil’s Transformation

At a time of economic turmoil and austerity measures in many countries, Brazil is getting deserved recognition for its successes in lifting nearly 40 million of its citizens out of extreme poverty over the past 10 years while fostering economic expansion for the nation.

A well-attended brown bag discussion at the AFL-CIO this week provided background on Brazil’s transformation, insights about the work needed to continue improving conditions for Brazilian workers and unions and food for thought about the examples Brazil has set for the United States and the world.

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College Grads: Hard Work Plus Education Alone Don't Lead to Success

College grads today are wondering whether education plus hard work is really the formula for success—and for good reason. The missing ingredient in that formula? It’s leverage. The power of collective action.

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IAFF’s Mitchell Ready to ‘Restore Integrity' to Wisconsin Government

Now that Mahlon Mitchell has won the Democratic primary, including defeating a “fake Democrat” Wisconsin Republicans entered in the race as a sabotage effort, the president of the Fire Fighters of Wisconsin (IAFF) is setting his sights on taking on Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch in the June 5 recall election. A new ad from the IAFF airing in the Badger State explains to voters that after 15 years of “putting his life on the line” as a firefighter, Mitchell is running for lieutenant governor to “restore integrity to Wisconsin’s government and to get Wisconsin working again."

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Romney says Obama 'Takes His Marching Orders' From Unions

Is this guy a presidential candidate from a major party, or a fringe nut? He sounds like Rush Limbaugh. HuffPo: Mitt Romney: Obama 'Takes Marching Orders From Union Bosses',

Speaking to a crowd at a campaign stop in Lansing, Mich., on Tuesday, presumptive GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney took a swipe at both President Barack Obama and organized labor, saying the president "takes his marching orders" from unions that cost American jobs.

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Unity Runs Strong in Wisconsin Recall Race

Unity Runs Strong in Wisconsin Recall Race

Chants of “Recall Walker” and “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Scott Walker has got to go” rang out loud and clear through the streets of downtown Madison yesterday as hundreds marched up State Street in support of Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and Wisconsin firefighter Mahlon Mitchell.  
Barrett and Mitchell won statewide primaries on Tuesday. Barrett will take on Scott Walker in the gubernatorial election and Mitchell will challenge Rebecca Kleefisch for lieutenant governor. Both recall elections, along with four state Senate recall elections, will take place on Tuesday, June 5.

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Saturday, Help Letter Carriers ‘Stamp Out Hunger’

NALC photo

This Saturday, you can “Stamp Out Hunger” by joining with the Letter Carriers (NALC) in their 20th annual food drive—the largest one-day food drive in the nation. Last year Letter Carriers collected more than 70 million pounds of food. All you need to do is collect canned goods and dry food, such as tuna, canned meat, soups, pasta, rice and cereal, and leave them in a bag or box by your mailbox. Your letter carriers will pick them up as they deliver your mail.

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Corporate Research Course Set for June 10-15

For students who wish to work as researchers in unions and at social justice organizations, understanding how to mine data on corporate America is key. Students now have the opportunity to gain such skills through an intensive, hands-on, weeklong course at Cornell University on Strategic Corporate Research. The June 10-15 session in Ithaca, N.Y., is co-sponsored by Cornell and the AFL-CIO Center for Strategic Research. Registration deadline is May 17, 2012.

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Republican House Ignores Jobless Workers, Focuses on Miniature Horses, Census

prainela/House Republicans need to stop horsing around and pass bills working families care about.

The Census was good enough for Thomas Jefferson. But apparently not so for today’s House Republicans. Yesterday, they passed, by 232 to 190, a measure to cut the American Community Survey, conducted annually as part of the U.S. Census.

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