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Host a Party: Women Vote 2012

The AFL-CIO is calling on women from all over to ask other women—other moms, daughters, sisters, co-workers and friends—to vote in this election. 
Can you host a Women Vote 2012 Party in your neighborhood?

Working America and the AFL-CIO have made it easy to host a party, by providing a step-by-step guide that tells you what to expect and how to make your party successful. Working America has been hosting parties like this for the past five years, and they make a difference. Women who hear about how important it is to vote from other women actually vote at higher rates. 

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Minnesota's ‘Greatest Orchestra In the World' Locked Out

Alex Ross, The New Yorker’s music critic, has called the Minnesota Orchestra “the greatest orchestra in the world.” On Oct. 1, the orchestra’s management locked out “the greatest orchestra in the world” because the 95 musicians refused to take an up to 50% pay cut.

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Culinary Academy of Las Vegas Hits the Jackpot for Labor and Management

AFL-CIO Executive Vice President Arlene Holt Baker poses with Culinary Academy of Las Vegas students.

Arlene Holt Baker is the executive vice president of the AFL-CIO. 

In the gambling capital of the country, labor and management are putting their chips on one very safe bet: training for workers.

Yesterday, I had the unique opportunity to visit the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas, a labor-management trust. The academy is the result of a collectively bargained labor-management partnership with UNITEHERE!'s Las Vegas Culinary Workers Union Local 226, Bartenders Union Local 165 and employers, including 26 major hotels and casinos on the Las Vegas Strip.

The academy provides training for hourly workers, many of whom are immigrants, who want to enter the hotel industry. It also provides upgrade education and training for current union members looking to brush up their skills and have greater career mobility in the hospitality industry.

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Romney/Bain Outsource Middle Class U.S. Jobs for 99 Cents an Hour Jobs in China

This new video from the United Steelworkers (USW) exposes how Mitt Romney and Bain Capital are profiting by selling out America's workers and shipping U.S. jobs to China.

In 2010, the Bain Capital-controlled Sensata Technologies bought Honeywell’s automotive onboard sensor business, including a Freeport, Ill., plant, where 170 workers were making a middle-class living. Says Tom Gaulrapp:

They came in and introduced the transition team, and the next bullet in the meeting was, “By the way, by the end of 2012 all the jobs in this plant will be moved to China.” 

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Working People Tell Walker, ‘Say Bye to Big Sky’

Montana AFL-CIO photo

More than 300 union and community activists "unwelcomed" Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) to Kalispell, Mont., yesterday with signs and chants letting him know that there’s no room in Big Sky Country for the anti-worker, anti-union, education and health care cutting policies that mark his record.

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VP Debate Verdict: Biden for Seniors; Ryan for Insurance Companies

How much will the Romney/Ryan Medicare plan cost you?

Edward F. Coyle is the executive director of the Alliance for Retired Americans. Coyle sends us this. 

Much of the vice presidential debate hinged on a fundamental question: Does Medicare exist to protect seniors’ health or insurance companies’ wealth?

In one corner: Vice President Joe Biden, talking about how he and President Obama are lowering the price of prescription drugs, giving seniors free access to life-saving tests and screenings and strengthening Medicare’s long-term finances by cracking down on Medicare over-paying private businesses.

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Solidarity Center: Guatemalan Aluminum Workers Describe Abuse

Workers at a Ternium factory in Guatemala were fired after they formed a union. Photo courtesy: SITRATERNIUM

This is an excerpt from the AFL-CIO Solidarity Center's "INTERVIEW: Guatemalan Aluminum Workers Describe Abuse."

When Emeterio Nach suffered a shoulder injury at his job, he asked his supervisor at the Ternium aluminum processing plant in Villa Nueva, Guatemala, for time off to see his doctor. After the supervisor denied his request, Nach asked again. The supervisor continued to refuse, finally telling Nach he would be fired if he kept asking—and if he were sick, he'd be fired as well because the factory needed healthy workers.

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Romney-Ryan Want to Cut Your Social Security and Medicare to Pay for Tax Cuts for the Wealthy

Last night, we learned vice presidential contender Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and running mate Mitt Romney envision a pretty bleak future for working people. The Romney-Ryan future is one where seniors (part of the 47%) toil until age 70 when they can collect on a woefully inadequate privatized Social Security account—where people must wait until age 67 to receive a coupon (a.k.a. Medicare voucher) for health care. A future where millionaires and billionaires, the richest 2%, continue to receive massive tax cut giveaways at the expense of working people. 

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Read Live Tweets From the Vice Presidential Debate

AFL-CIO, AFL-CIO Latino, Working America and other groups live tweeted reactions to last night's vice presidential debate. Read the responses below. 

Text DEBATE to AFLCIO (235246) to join our text action team. (Standard messaging and data rates may apply.)

Follow the vice presidential debate on Twitter.

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Eleanor Roosevelt Would Say 'No' to California’s Prop. 32

Eleanor Roosevelt Would Say 'No' to California’s Prop. 32

Take a minute today (Oct. 11) and say “Happy Birthday” to Eleanor Roosevelt. A member of the Newspaper Guild for more than a quarter of a century, Roosevelt strongly believed in workers, their unions and their involvement in the political process. 

Brigid O’Farrell, a member of the National Writers Union/UAW Local 1981, writes if Roosevelt were alive today, she would be out campaigning against California’s Prop. 32 to silence workers in the political arena, while giving the wealthy and corporations free reign. Read more at the Roosevelt Institute's Next New Deal blog.

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