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Pipe Fitters and Dancers: Innovative and Creative

Pipe Fitters and Dancers: Innovative and Creative

Cruise on over to our AFL-CIO home page for two new features that spotlight an innovative training program from Chicago Plumbers and Pipe Fitters Local 597 (UA) and a look at the creative campaign music video dancers are waging for a fair contract.

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ALEC’s Exit Door Continues to Swing

The exodus from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) continues as the glare of a hot spotlight exposes the group’s radical agenda that ranges from voter suppression to union busting and immigrant bashing. Candy maker Mars Inc. and Arizona's largest energy company are the latest corporations to sever ties.

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White House Names IUE-CWA’s Clark ‘Champion of Change’


IUE-CWA President James D. Clark has been honored as a “Champion of Change for Corporate Environmental Responsibility” by the Obama administration. Clark is cited for his union’s work in helping to train union members to identify energy efficiency opportunities that improve environmental performance and the competitiveness of manufacturing.

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The American Workplace?

What's the reward for hard work, creativity, teamwork and loyalty? The Transport Workers (TWU) say it may be pay cuts and givebacks for you and record bonuses for the CEO.

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Strong Unions and Labor Laws Protect Foxconn Factory Workers in Brazil

Foxconn, the Taiwanese company that makes more electronic components than any other, is well-known for its large factories in China and their many severe labor rights violations. In an attempt to expand the market reach of brands it produces for, Foxconn has opened some factories in Brazil in the past few years, including one producing Apple products.  

But thanks to Brazil’s labor laws, industrial policy and its culture of unionization and collective bargaining, the Brazilian Foxconn workers may actually be able to afford one of the iPhones or iPads they assemble.

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Nationwide Rallies Call on Senate to Save Postal Service

Nationwide Rallies Call on Senate to Save Postal Service

More than 100,000 postal workers and their supporters called on their lawmakers to “Save America’s Postal Service” in demonstrations Thursday in more than 200 cities. Many actions took place outside the home offices of U.S. senators who are expected to vote next week on a bill (S. 1789) that could push tens of thousands of workers out of their jobs.

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Auto Parts Workers Organizing in Mexico Score Win with International Solidarity

Auto parts workers at a maquiladora in Mexico who’ve been organizing to join an independent union got a big boost last week from cross-border solidarity. Nearly 8,000 workers in Ciudad Acuña (located in a Mexican border town south of San Antonio) labor for a company called PKC Group, which makes parts for Ford, Daimler Trucks, Volvo and other automakers. The workers’ organizing, and company efforts to silence them by hiring a company union and imposing a protection contract that prevents authentic organizing and representation, made news headlines and shook up company shareholders last week.

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Spotlight on ALEC Grows, Some Big Corporations Drop Membership

Photo by Soozarty1/Flickr

Missouri State Rep. Mike Colona (D) is a former member of American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). He calls the group’s agenda “radical and extreme.” With a hotter spotlight on ALEC’s extremist agenda, some major corporations are severing their ties.    

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Workers’ Voice Speaks For the 99%

The just-launched Workers' Voice initiative will activate and energize networks of working families—union and nonunion, online and offline—around political campaigns, legislative issues and holding elected officials accountable to “build an independent voice for the working and middle class,” says AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Elizabeth Shuler.

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Local Union’s Innovative Health Care Cost Savings Get National Attention

Earlier this year, in our AFL-CIO website’s Innovators section, we profiled the work Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 49 in Minneapolis is doing to reduce health care costs and improve health care delivery for the union’s 12,000 members and 21,000 dependents. This week, MSNBC’s "The Dylan Ratigan Show" put the union’s work in the national spotlight.

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