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New Report: Romney's Bain Capital Linked to Union Suppression Case

Romney was a director of Key Airlines when pilots and flight attendants plan to organize a union was suppressed.

Although Mitt Romney continues to try and distance himself from his record of offshoring U.S. jobs overseas during his tenure at Bain Capital, a new report by the Financial Times’ Robin Harding shows there were even more anti-worker tactics occurring under Romney’s watch at the company. Now we might understand more about why he boasted earlier this year that he’s “taken on union bosses before.”

According to U.S. District Court and federal documents, Key Airlines, controlled by Bain Capital at the time, ran an unlawful campaign to stop the organization of a union in the 1980s. Mitt Romney was a director of the airline, according to regulatory filings, and a shareholder in the company. The Financial Times put together this report with documents from the National Mediation Board in 1986 and a 1992 judgment in the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada.

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State Department Report Fails to Address Serious Labor Rights Violations in Honduras

State Department Report Fails to Address Serious Labor Rights Violations in Honduras

There are doubts about the institutions responsible for the rule of law in Honduras and the government’s protection of human rights, acknowledged the U.S. State Department in an Aug. 8 report. Unfortunately, the State Department says virtually nothing about the widespread impunity regarding violations of freedom of association or the threats and violence aimed at labor activists.

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Broken Job Promise Slows Corporate Tax Break

We’ve seen this movie before. A company goes before a local or state government and promises jobs and an economic boost, but they need just one little thing first—tax breaks! But after pocketing taxpayers’ money, guess what? No jobs, just broken promises. (See T-Mobile.)

This week in Fort Wayne, Ind., the Northeast Indiana Central Labor Council had enough.

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Tell Us What You Think: What's Romney Trying to Hide by Not Releasing His Tax Returns?

Tell Us What You Think: What's Romney Trying to Hide by Not Releasing His Tax Returns?

Unlike nearly every other presidential candidate, Republican Mitt Romney refuses to make public more than two years of tax returns. Today, the multimillionaire said he has paid a tax rate of at least 13 percent on his income in each of the past 10 years—but he still won't release his returns. Meanwhile, President Obama's returns have long been public and show he pays a 20 percent tax rate.

At a measly 13 percent, Romney, who is worth a quarter of a billion dollars, is paying significantly less in taxes than other high-income earners who pay 35 percent. Through the use of offshore tax shelters and other means, Romney pays a smaller tax rate than average taxpayers like nurses, firefighters and construction workers.

In more than three decades, no other nominees for either party—except Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.)— have released fewer than five years’ worth of returns. Romney’s own father released a dozen years’ worth when he ran for the Republican presidential nomination in 1968.

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AFGE Elects Cox as New President

AFGE photo

J. David Cox was elected AFGE president yesterday by delegates to the union’s convention in Las Vegas. Cox, who served the past six years as AFGE’s secretary-treasurer, succeeds John Gage, who retired after serving nine years in the top job. Eugene Hudson Jr. was elected secretary-treasurer and Augusta Thomas was re-elected vice president for Women´s and Fair Practices.

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PLA for NBC Universal Redevelopment in L.A. Means 13,000 Construction Jobs

Photo by Rob J. Brooks/Flickr

A new project labor agreement (PLA) between Southern California construction unions and NBC Universal for a major redevelopment of the company’s movie and television studios and the Universal City theme park in Los Angeles will create about 13,000 local construction jobs.    

The PLA reached between the Los Angeles/Orange Counties Building and Construction Trades Council and NBC Universal on the 10-year project in the east San Fernando Valley was announced yesterday.

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Con Ed Workers Overwhelmingly Agree on New Contract

After 8,000 utility workers were locked out earlier this summer, Utility Workers (UWUA) Local 1-2 in New York City approved a new labor contract with Consolidated Edison. 

The New York Times reports:

Harry Farrell, president of Local 1-2 of the Utility Workers Union of America, said on Wednesday that its membership voted by a margin of 93 percent to accept a new four-year agreement with Consolidated Edison.

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Thank a Worker: Free Printable Labor Day Cards


As we prepare for Sept. 3, we’re encouraging you to thank your family, friends and neighbors for the work they do each day. Workers don’t always receive the appreciation they deserve. From the baristas who brew your coffee in the morning to the letter carrier who drops off your mail, nearly every aspect of our day is affected by people we work with and alongside.

Here are some brand-new Labor Day cards you can print out at home to give to the workers in your life.

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Report: You Paid $46 in 2011 to Subsidize Fat CEO Pay

Report: You Paid $46 in 2011 to Subsidize Fat CEO Pay

Next time you write your tax check to the Internal Revenue Service, imagine which multibillion-dollar corporation may get some of your hard-earned pay.

How about drugmaker Abbott Laboratories, which in 2011 claimed a $586 million tax refund for its 64 subsidiaries operating in 16 countries considered tax havens?

Or maybe Chesapeake Energy, a company that last year made $2.8 billion in pre-tax U.S. profits—but whose effective tax rate over the course of its 23-year history has averaged only about 1 percent?

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New York Bricklayer Hunts Wisconsin Whitetails

"Brotherhood Outdoors" photo

On tonight’s episode of “Brotherhood Outdoors,” Eddie Roberts, a tile finisher and nearly 30-year member of Bricklayers (BAC) Local 7 in New York, and show host Tom Ackerman head to Wisconsin’s famed Buffalo County, near Madison, on a bow-hunting adventure for a trophy buck in one of the nation’s famed deer hunting locales.

The show airs tonight on the Sportsman Channel at 8 p.m. EDT and PDT. Click here to find out if you get the Sportsman Channel.

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