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AFL-CIO Kicks Off ‘Bring Jobs Home' Campaign

It's Time to Bring Jobs Home:

In the past decade, 50,000 manufacturing sites closed and 6 million American jobs were lost because of outsourcing. Today, the AFL-CIO union movement launches the first of several nationwide Bring Jobs Home events, with an action near Master Lock's flagship factory in Milwaukee, Wis., which has been producing the iconic padlocks since 1921.

Last year, under a new contract between UAW Local 469 and Master Lock, the company brought jobs back from China—a move union members at Master Lock and around the country would like to see become a trend in American manufacturing.

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Rio+20: There Are No Jobs on a Dead Planet

The world has come to Rio de Janeiro to take stock of our planet’s environment and identify the road forward to a sustainable future. The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development is referred to as Rio+20 because 20 years ago the original conference in Rio focused global attention on the environment. It spawned the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development and the three pillars of UN activity on climate change, biological diversity and forestry principles.

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Verizon Day of Action for Fair Contract Aims at Company’s Board

Photo credit: CWA

Today, at more than 300 events around the country, activists from the Communications Workers of America (CWA), other AFL-CIO unions, Jobs with Justice (JwJ), 99% Power coalition and other allies are mobilized for a National Day of Action for a fair contract for 45,000 Verizon workers who are members of CWA and the Electrical Workers (IBEW).    

Verizon is a $100 billion company that has made tens of billions in profits, yet is demanding $10,000 a year from each worker in compensation cuts. At the same time, Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam got a 200 percent raise from $7.2 million to $23.1 million, courtesy of the communication giant’s board of directors.

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Music, Art, Comedy, Organizing Come Together at Great Labor Arts Exchange

Music, Art, Comedy, Organizing Come Together at Great Labor Arts Exchange

The 34th Annual Great Labor Arts Exchange and Conference on Creative Organizing kicks off today and runs through Monday at the Conference Center at the Maritime Institute in Linthicum Heights, Md. Sponsored by the Labor Heritage Foundation, the Great Labor Arts Exchange celebrates the rich cultural heritage of working people and brings together talented labor artists, activists, cultural workers, educators and students.

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In L.A. County, IBEW Local 11 Helps Organize Massive Food Drive

Ronald Maefau, Haven Faatiliga and Mike Lavatai sorting food at IBEW Local 11. Photo Credit: Sadina Zaccari.

This is a cross-post by Kelsey Duckett from Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 11 in Commerce, Calif., on their participation in this year’s Letter Carriers "Stamp Out Hunger" food drive.

Across the United States, 50 million adults and 17 million children lack sufficient food every single day. To combat this, the Letter Carriers (NALC), for the past 20 years, has collected and donated food from mailboxes across the country. For the second consecutive year, IBEW Local 11 donated its Electrical Training Center in Commerce as the home base for all donated and collected food in Los Angeles County.

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AFSCME Elects Saunders, Reyes as New Leadership Team

AFSCME Elects Saunders, Reyes as New Leadership Team

Delegates to AFSCME’s 75th anniversary convention elected Lee Saunders as president and Laura Reyes as secretary-treasurer late yesterday. Saunders replaces Gerald McEntee, who retired after leading the nation’s largest public employee union for 31 years. (Read more about AFSCME’s convention at its blog here.)

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Activists Train at AFL-CIO’s Union Summer

Lindsey Lunsford enjoys the sunshine outside the AFL-CIO.

Lindsey Lunsford, 21, has a personal connection to the labor movement but didn’t see its relevance to her life until this week, when she participated in the AFL-CIO’s Union Summer training.

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Young Families' Net Worth Fell the Fastest

Young worker households—those between ages 35 and 44 and age 35 and younger—saw the steepest drop in their net worth between 2007 and 2010, according to an Economic Policy Institute (EPI) analysis of last week's Federal Reserve report.

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Letter Carriers Member Tells the Real Story About the USPS

Photo courtesy of NALC Photographer Michael Shea from Flickr

Bill Brickley is a member of the Letter Carriers, serving on the New Hampshire Letter Carriers Executive Board as a CD-1 legislative liaison. He also serves on the New Hampshire AFL-CIO Executive Board and is a former area coordinator in the state for Amnesty International and is a Central American solidarity activist.

The corporate-owned media is blindly mouthing the GOP version of the situation with the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). The fairy tale states that the USPS is losing serious money because of declining mail volume due to the Internet—competition from FedEx and UPS and those "ineffective" union workers. Since our electorate spends minimal time researching anything of substance, it buys this fairy tale as fact.

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Financial Experts Urge Global Leaders to Adopt Financial Transaction Tax

A group of 50 financial professionals—investors, traders, academics and banking executives—urged G-20 and European leaders to back small financial transaction taxes (FTTs) on financial industry speculation.    

In a letter to world leaders, the group notes that FTTs “have a proven track record” and would help rebalance financial markets away from “a short-term trading mentality that has contributed to instability in our financial markets.” It also says FTTs have the potential to raise significant revenue.

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