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Flip-Flops and Flapjacks Greet Snyder as Michigan 'Right to Work' for Less Law Takes Effect

We Are Michigan photo

Last year, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) pulled a classic political flip-flop when he proclaimed that "right to work" for less legislation wasn’t on his agenda. But late last year, he spearheaded the drive to ram the anti-work bill through a lame-duck legislative session that shut out the public.

This morning, as the law went into effect, nearly 100 Michigan union and community activists demonstrated outside the Detroit Athletic Club where Snyder was the main speaker at its annual "Pancakes & Politics” breakfast, in an action organized by the coalition We Are Michigan.

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Broadcast Employees Reach Tentative Agreement with ABC

After two years without a contract, the National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians-Communications Workers of America (NABET-CWA) has reached a tentative agreement with the American Broadcasting System (ABC) on a four-year contract. The last contract between NABET-CWA and ABC expired on March 31, 2011. James C. Joyce, president of NABET-CWA and head of the bargaining committee, unanimously recommended to union members that they ratify the contract.

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Helmets to Hardhats Helps Philly Marines to New Career Paths

Helmets to Hardhats Helps Philly Marines to New Career Paths

Today’s military veterans face one of the toughest job markets in decades, and their unemployment rate is significantly higher than the population at large. But thanks to the Helmets to Hardhats program, which connects veterans with quality career training and employment opportunities within the building and construction industry, many veterans are now on ascending career paths.

A recent Philadelphia Inquirer feature focuses on two U.S. Marine Corps veterans who are putting to work the training and opportunities provided by Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers (SMART) Local 19 in South Philadelphia.

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Who Wants Poverty Wages in Immigration Bill? Employers

What’s behind Republicans’ demands that surfaced last week that legislation to create a commonsense immigration process for America's 11 million aspiring citizens institutionalizes poverty wages and drags down workers already in the United States? Bloomberg columnist Margaret Carlson sums it up succinctly.     

Who wants to adversely affect “wages and working conditions” of American workers? Employers, that’s who….Businesses (read: “Republicans”) would like an oversupply of labor to ensure a cheap price.

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100 Days to Fix What Wall St. Broke: Painful to See American Dream 'Rot Away'

100 Days to Fix What Wall St. Broke: Painful to See American Dream 'Rot Away'

Wall Street wrecked the economy and banks still are refusing to work with people who are trying to stay in their homes. The Campaign for a Fair Settlement, along with other partners, is calling on President Obama over the next 100 days to champion an agenda that would:

1. Hold bankers accountable for their crimes.

2. Keep people in their homes by resetting their mortgages.

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Diane McCloud shared her story about her home underwater. Read more from 100 Stories of What Wall Street Broke:

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'Nobody Called 911'

Workers Memorial Day is April 28

As we prepare for Workers Memorial Day April 28, here are some recent news articles that highlight the pressing need for strengthening and enforcing workplace safety rules and highlighting the fact our work is not done. 

Workplace deaths and injuries vary from the agricultural industry to reality TV. Read the stories after the jump.

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Union Made in Ohio: Roller Coaster Woo Hoo!

Quote from Sen. Sherrod Brown.

Talk about quality, union-made work. 

When Cedar Point, an amusement park nestled on the banks of Ohio's Lake Erie, wanted to add to its stable of roller coasters a 4,164-foot monster called the GateKeeper, it turned to quality union labor to get the job done. The Sandusky Register reports that Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH), standing before the coaster's blue tracks, not only said he was proud that so much of its construction used labor from his home state of Ohio, but that it was union labor. 

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Want to Fix Your Job? There's a Way

Want to Fix Your Job? There's a Way

What if when you had a question or a concern about your workplace, you could go somewhere and get answers? Our friends at Working America, AFL-CIO's community affiliate, are launching a new site,, where every worker will have a resource to get more information or privately raise concerns about workplace issues.

For to be successful, more information needs to be collected about people who work. Can you take a few minutes to answer some quick questions about your current job, or the last job you had?

Fill out the quick survey now to share your story of work and to make sure becomes a powerful tool to support workers:

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Freelancers Union Provides Workers With Health Care

When learning that she would be classified by her employer not as an employee, but as an "independent" contractor, Sara Horowitz decided to do something, not just accept denial of benefits and security from her job.  She grew up in a labor-oriented family and even though her position didn't qualify her to join any existing union, she decided to form her own

Horowitz and her work with the Freelancers Union were recently covered in a New York Times article

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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has done crucial work to safeguard Americans against the deceptive and abusive practices of big banks, student loan servicers, credit card companies and predatory lenders. Tell Congress to protect this important agency.

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