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Charlie Bass, 'Stop Trashing the Middle Class'

Charlie Bass's Trash

New Hampshire Labor News sends us this.  

What’s in New Hampshire Rep. Charlie Bass’s (R) "trash?"

Social Security, Medicare and affordable education, as it turns out. The contents of the New Hampshire congressman’s "garbage can" came to light yesterday as young workers and seniors from the Granite State questioned his commitment to his constituents after he voted for Paul Ryan’s extreme budget. Said Terri Lochhead, an organizer for the Alliance for Retired Americans:

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A Chilling Look at Voter Supression in Ohio

A Chilling Look at Voter Supression in Ohio

A sobering analysis at dissects the four-pronged effort by the Ohio Republican Party to steal the 2012 presidential election.
Authors Bob Fitrakis and Bob Wasserman conclude that because Ohio is a pivotal state in deciding the winner,

if they get away with it, the Ohio GOP could make it virtually impossible for Barack Obama to carry Ohio this November.

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Get Ready to Tap Into Your Savings for Romney-Ryan Medicare

Infographic courtesy of the Center for American Progress Action Fund

If you're curious how much more the Romney-Ryan Medicare plan will cost you, the Center for American Progress Action Fund has a new infographic which spells out exactly what you'd be paying for health care. It's not pretty. View the entire Center for American Progress Action Fund Medicare Infographic.

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Hey Paul Ryan, Your Budget Doesn’t Work for Families

Photo courtesy of Missouri Pro-Vote

Last night in Springfield, Mo., while more than 300 Republican insiders were paying up to $25,000 a head to hear a stump speech by Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan, more than 100 union and community activists were outside letting passersby know about Ryan’s and Mitt Romney’s plans to cut taxes for the wealthy and gut Medicare. Activists included members of the Springfield Central Labor Council, Missouri Pro-Vote, Communications Workers of America (CWA) Locals 6312 and 6355, Carpenters Local 978, Electrical Workers (IBEW) Locals 453 and 753,  Letter carriers (NALC) Local 203, Missouri AFL-CIO, Missouri Alliance for Retired Americans,, Planned Parenthood, Teamster Local 245 and United Transportation Union  retirees.

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Georgia Unions and Small Businesses Send One Message: Bring Jobs Home

Charlita Varner

Georgia union members reached out to small business owners, like Charlita Varner, who joined them in sending a message to lawmakers about what it takes to strengthen our communities: Bring Jobs Home.

Read how they did it.

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Trade Deficit with China Cost 2.7 Million U.S. Jobs

Trade deficits matter: 2.7 million U.S. jobs have been lost over the past decade due to our nation’s growing trade deficit with China, according to a new report out today (click on chart to expand).

“The China Toll” also shows that between 2001—when China was admitted into the World Trade Organization—and 2011, the U.S. trade deficit with that nation eliminated or displaced 2.1 million manufacturing jobs. Those jobs represent more than half of all U.S. manufacturing jobs lost during that time.

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Honduras: Another Tragic Murder in the Country with the World's Highest Homicide Rate

Juan de Dios Sáenz Rosales, president of the Union of Workers of the National Autonomous University of Honduras (SITRAUNAH), was killed on Aug. 22. Late last night, Honduran authorities announced that his son had been arrested for the murder.* The AFL-CIO stands in solidarity with SITRAUNAH as they mourn this loss and urges the government of Honduras to continue to investigate and prosecute this case vigorously until ensure justice has been is achieved for Juan de Dios Sáenz and his loved ones

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America's Middle Class, Shrinking Fast

Given what we noted about America’s workers living paycheck to paycheck, the new data, released yesterday by Pew Research Center, are no surprise (click on chart to enlarge):

Since 2000, the middle class has shrunk in size, fallen backward in income and wealth and shed some—but by no means all—of its characteristic faith in the future.

Surprising, no. Horrifying? You betcha.

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You Are Now Entering the Mallory Factor Spin Zone

Photo by eyewashdesign A. Giolden/Flickr

After Mallory Factor appeared on "Morning Joe" this morning, Jeff Hauser sends us this report.

What type of person comments on a generation of declining union membership and increasing inequality and blames unions?

What type of person looks back at America’s economy—after decades of deregulation followed by economic bubbles and misery for the 99% of people who work hard for a living—and blames unions?

It takes someone who combines an ear for dishonest public relations spin with a large wallet linked to the continued enrichment of Wall Street tycoons.

Mallory Factor is someone who understands that the banking industry’s bad reputation for destroying the world’s economy requires a diversion, a scapegoat. That he would write a book focusing on blaming unions, rather than his Wall Street peers, is entirely

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‘Do-Nothing’ Congress? Pelosi Explains Why

Photo courtesy of

Nearly nine out of 10 Americans say they disapprove of the U.S. Congress, and for good reason, too, says House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). The current Congress is the least productive in history. But, says Pelosi in a column in USA Today:

The source of congressional inaction today is a Republican congressional leadership that cannot, or will not, govern; that will not put aside partisanship to work together.

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