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D.C. Hotel Workers Win Groundbreaking Contracts

Photo by Chris Garlock

After weeks of picketing hotels across the District of Columbia and months of contract negotiations, area hotel workers have won groundbreaking contracts, says UNITEHERE! Local 25 Executive Secretary-Treasurer John Boardman.

We had five goals for this negotiation round and we reached them all.

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May Day: Workers' Rights Must Be Universal

Today, working people around the world are celebrating May Day, International Workers’ Day. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka says the message around the globe is:

Workers’ rights should be universal and every person—no matter what nationality, ethnicity or gender—must have equal rights and the opportunity to achieve a better life.

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Stand 4 Change to Stop Bullying

Every seven minutes somewhere in America a child is bullied, and 160,000 students a day stay home from school because they fear being bullied. On Friday, May 4, students, teachers and school administrators across the nation will Stand 4 Change to send this simple but powerful message:

Bullying is not acceptable in our schools or in our communities.

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No Loot for 'Right to Work' Thief in the Night

Just as a burglar prefers the dark of night and avoids well-lighted homes, Minnesota state Rep. Mark Buesgens (R) tried to skulk through the 2 a.m. dark of night last week to revive a so-called right to work bill that has been stalled after a massive outcry from working families and their allies.

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Pennsylvania Vote for Critz Showcased Working Families' Mobilization

As the news is full of stories about the super-rich and corporate CEOs giving millions of dollars in secret donations to Mitt Romney and Karl Rove to run negative TV ads, working people have not only fought back—we're already winning.

Rep. Mark Critz was supposed to lose in the Republican gerrymandered congressional district (PA-12). The newly drawn district was two-thirds Rep. Jason Altmire’s, who had only just a month ago led all the polls from 15 to 25 percentage points.

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1,800 University of Oregon Professors Win Union Voice

More than 1,800 University of Oregon faculty members won a voice at work after they chose to join United Academics, an affiliate of AFT Oregon and the American Association of University Professors (AAUP).  The Oregon Employment Relations Board Friday certified the professors’ choice after the university dropped its objections.

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Laughs with the President

AFL-CIO Executive Vice President Arlene Holt Baker, left, with Wall Street Journal reporter Melanie Trottman

By all accounts, President Obama outshone comedian Jimmy Kimmel when it came to generating laughs during the annual White House Correspondents' dinner Saturday night. AFL-CIO Executive Vice President Arlene Holt Baker (left, with Wall Street Journal reporter Melanie Trottman) was among those taking part, as were Republican congressional leaders, whom Obama thanked “for taking time from their exhausting schedule of not passing any laws” to attend the dinner.

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Romney’s Common Sense for the Common Man

Mitt Romney

Click "Labor" on Romney’s official website to see how Mitt intends to peel off working-class voters including union members:

Titled “Free Enterprise, Free Choice, Free Speech,” and acknowledging that “unions have made extraordinarily important contributions to American society” the reader is then warned that “today, the effects of unionization have changed in ways that need to be recognized.”

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Occupy Your Camera

Occupy Your Camera

The Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild (WBNG) Local 32035 and the Labor Heritage Foundation are sponsoring the “Occupy Now!” photo contest. The winner will be announced at the Great Labor Arts Exchange festival, June 22-25. The contest—with almost $1,000 in prize money—is looking for the great photos of the Occupy movement.

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Sarandon: 'I’ve Always Known that Unions Made America'

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, left, with actor Susan Sarandon

“That was the turning point for a lot of actors," said actor Susan Sarandon to AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka about the national commercial actors strike 12 years ago. "It wasn’t until we felt threatened that we realized the importance of our union.”

In a casual moment in a midtown Manhattan hotel Friday evening, Sarandon, a longtime member of SAG-AFTRA, and Trumka spoke at length before she introduced him to a gathering held by Local 1 of the American Federation of School Administrators.

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