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Have You Signed Up for RePurpose Yet?

RePurpose: You're in charge.

Thousands of grassroots activists have signed up for Workers' Voice's new, innovative online tool called RePurpose. RePurpose allows campaign volunteers to shape how campaign resources are spent. Have you signed up yet?

Campaign volunteers gain points based on activities through Workers' Voice, whether it is phone banking, knocking on doors or taking action online. 

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Adiós Arpaio Group Registers 21,571 Voters

Photo courtesy of Adiós Arpaio's Facebook page:

Donna Gratehouse, who blogs at Democratic Diva and elsewhere on all things Arizona, sends us this.

With a recent poll showing Paul Penzone, Joe Arpaio’s challenger for Maricopa County Sheriff, trailing the longtime incumbent by only a few points, Penzone’s campaign got a shot in the arm yesterday when a coalition of Latino and progressive activists and the Adiós Arpaio campaign delivered more than 21,571 new voter registrations to the county. The effort was led by the Campaign For Arizona’s Future, and on Thursday, a crowd wearing “Adiós Arpaio” T-shirts announced the bonanza of newly registered voters at the Wells Fargo building in downtown Phoenix, where Sheriff Arpaio’s suite of offices is located.  

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Austin’s Workers Defense Project: A Decade Winning for Workers

WDP Photo

The Austin, Texas, worker center Workers Defense Project worker center (WDP) celebrates its 10th anniversary later this month of battling against wage theft, spotlighting the dangers and winning reforms of the Texas construction industry and standing up for workplace justice and immigrants’ rights.

An in-depth article in the current issue of The Austin Chronicle traces the history of the WDP worker center, from its 2003 inception as a one-person staffed operation, helping low-income, mostly immigrant Austin workers pursue wage theft claims, to its present day incarnation as an influential 1,000-member force and partner with the union movement in the championing of workers’ rights, especially in the construction industry, with an estimated 60% Latino workforce.    

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Union Volunteers Inspire Minn. Youth at Outdoor Events

Union Volunteers Inspire MN Youth at Outdoor Events.

Laura Bliss-Morris of the Union Sportsmen's Alliance sends us this report.

Nearly 150 union members, shooting enthusiasts and other guests—including United Union of Roofers and Waterproofers President Kinsey Robinson, Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton and state Attorney General Lori Swanson—teamed up to support conservation at the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance’s (USA's) second annual Roofers International Twin Cities Sporting Clays Shoot and Get Youth Outdoors Day on Sept. 15 and 16 at Wild Marsh Sporting Clays in Clear Lake. 

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The 1% Court—And What We Can Do About It

The 1% Court—And What We Can Do About It

This is a cross-post from the Alliance for Justice blog, Justice Watch. 

We all know how big business has eroded the American dream by getting Congress and the executive branch to change the rules to favor corporations and the wealthy at the expense of the rest of us. But it hasn’t stopped with two branches of government. Corporate special interests have spent decades working to put their thumb on the scales of justice. The campaign finance decision in Citizens United is only the most prominent example. 

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Get Your 'Vote Hands' Ready: National Voter Registration Day

Are you warmed up to vote? Are your "vote hands" ready? Ours sure are. 

Tuesday, Sept. 25, is National Voter Registration Day and we're reminding everyone to make sure all their friends and family are registered to vote. Send them to The process is simple and quick. 

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My Memorable Visit with FLOC

IFPTE President Greg Junemann talks to a farm worker.

This is a cross-post from A View from Left Field blog by Gregory Junemann, president of the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers (IFPTE).

At its meeting in August, the AFL-CIO Committee on Civil and Human Rights was given a presentation from the committee’s chairperson, AFL-CIO Executive Vice President Arlene Holt Baker, on her recent trip to meet with the immigrant farm workers in North Carolina. Sister Holt Baker had been invited to visit the workers by Baldemar Velasquez, the president of the Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC). I, along with the other members of the AFL-CIO Executive Council, was invited by Brother Velasquez to travel to North Carolina to meet with the immigrant workers. I proudly accepted, and I made the trip late last month.

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How Unions Help Build the American Dream

How Unions Help Build the American Dream

Both Democrats and Republicans stress that the ability for people to move up the economic ladder to build better lives is at the heart of the American Dream. But new data from the Pew Center on the States pits the Republican tenet on economic mobility against another deeply held Republican belief that unions are a heavy and evil anchor on the economy that must be cut away.  

Where there is a strong union movement, there is more economic mobility. If unions are strengthened, upward mobility will increase.

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Kochs Send Millions to Silence California Workers with Prop. 32

Illustration Courtesy for AFM Local 47

Billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch could be the poster boys for the big money special interests that are dumping hundreds of millions of dollars in this year’s elections on the national and state levels. Last week, it was reported that the American Future Fund (AFF), a front group for corporate special interests that’s linked to the Kochs, dropped $4 million into the effort to pass California’s Prop. 32.

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Wisconsin: Get the Facts on Act 10 Ruling

Wisconsin: Get the Facts on Act 10 Ruling

Wisconsin State AFL-CIO President Phil Neuenfeldt and Secretary-Treasurer Stephanie Bloomingdale send us this.

On Friday, Sept. 14, Dane County Circuit Judge Juan Colas granted summary judgment in favor of Madison Teachers Inc. and others, finding many basic provisions of Act 10 violate the U.S. and Wisconsin constitutions and are therefore null and void.

Judge Colas found that the restriction limiting the increases on general municipal employees’ base wages only to the consumer price index (CPI) if bargained by a union burdened employees’ rights to free speech and freedom of association, since the limitation applied only to municipal employees represented by a union.

The judge held the prohibition against payroll dues deduction and the annual recertification election requirement by 51% of those eligible to vote burdens freedom of speech and association rights of those employees who support unions.

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