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Union Investment Renovates Senior Housing, Creates Green Jobs

The AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust (HIT) is investing $10 million toward a $14 million project to rehabilitate the Mayfield Manor Apartments in Canton, Ohio, as part of HIT’s national Construction Jobs Initiative and the AFL-CIO’s Green Jobs Initiative. The project will keep 144 units affordable for current residents at the senior citizen facility for 20 years and is expected to create 100 union construction jobs in an area hard-hit by the economic slowdown. Rehabilitation work on the six-story building will be done with 100 percent union labor.

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Sutter Nurses on 1-Day Strike to Protect Patient Care, Community Health Services

NNU Photo

Some 4,500 RNs at 11 San Francisco Bay area hospitals—including 10 Sutter Health facilities—are holding a one-day strike today to dramatize the highly profitable health care chain’s demand for more than 100 sweeping reductions in patient care, community health services and nurse standards and workplace conditions. Sutter Health has made $4.2 billion in profits over the past five years, pays its CEO $4 million a year after a 215 percent raise and gives 21 top executives $1 million or more a year.

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Global Survey Finds Little Support for Austerity

Global Survey Finds Little Support for Austerity

There is a massive disconnect between the austerity measures proposed by national governments worldwide and a desire to invest in jobs and growth on the part of citizens, according to a poll commissioned by the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC). Two-thirds (66 percent) of respondents surveyed say they prefer jobs and growth, 10 percent austerity and 24 percent express equal support for both messages.

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Most States Flunk Wage Theft Test

PSN Graphic

A new report from the Progressive States Network (PSN) finds that workers in 44 states have little to no protection against wage theft. “Where Theft Is Legal: Mapping Wage Theft Laws in the 50 States" reports that:

States’ wage theft laws are grossly inadequate, contributing to a rising trend in workplace violations that affect millions of people throughout the country.

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Carwash Workers Get Health Care Via Steelworkers-Community Partnership

Carwash Workers Get Health Care Via Steelworkers-Community Partnership

Los Angeles carwash workers are getting health care—all because of a dynamic partnership between the United Steelworkers and members of the local community who have joined forces to help carwasheros gain a voice on the job.

Click here to see a video clip that highlights how this partnership improves the lives of workers.

As carwash worker Oscar says: "Now, thank God my life has changed. If I get sick and feel bad, I have a clinic to go to. This is all because of the campaign."

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N.J. AFL-CIO Delegates Re-Elect Wowkanech and Brennan

Nearly 700 delegates, representing 1,000 labor unions and 1 million union members of the New Jersey State AFL-CIO, re-elected President Charles Wowkanech and Secretary-Treasurer Laurel Brennan to their fourth four-year term and unanimously re-elected all members of the New Jersey State AFL-CIO Executive Board.

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Trumka: Questions Remain About Appeals Court Nominee Srinivasan

The White House announced yesterday that it is nominating Caitlin Halligan and Sri Srinivasan to two of the three vacant seats on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. This court is considered by many to be the most important federal appeals court because it reviews the decisions and rule making of many federal independent agencies of the U.S. government. These include cases involving core workplace rights and protections—the right to a safe and healthy workplace, the right to join together with co-workers in a union to have a voice at work and the right to a workplace free of race, gender and other forms of discrimination.

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Alabama Poultry Workers Buck Anti-Union Campaign, Choose RWDSU

RWDSU photo

In one of the largest union elections in Alabama in the past decade, workers at the Pilgrim’s Pride poultry plant in Russellville voted last week by a better than two-to-one margin to join the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU). The main reason the 1,200 workers sought a union voice was to be able to exercise more control over their work lives, said workers and union leaders.

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U.S. Net Worth Drops, Republicans in Congress Make Matters Worse

New data showing U.S. median net worth plunged by nearly 40 percent following the not-so-Great Recession is getting big media play today. Pundits are shocked—which gated communities do they live in again?—but the Federal Reserve figures showing individuals’ net worth dropped from $126,400 in 2008 to $77,300 in 2010 doesn’t come as a surprise to most Americans. They’ve been struggling to find jobs in an economy where there still are more than three job seekers for ever one available.

Meanwhile, Republicans in Congress are holding hostage the America Dream.

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Why Target Federal Employees?

Julianne Malveaux/Last Word Productions

This is a cross-post from Last Word Productions Inc.

Congress is on fire to balance the federal budget, and they don't care who they take as prisoners in the process. There are at least two proposals to freeze federal salaries for yet another year (they have been frozen since 2011) and to continue to demonize federal workers as do-nothing folks who don't need raises.  Meanwhile, President Obama has asked for a minimal half percent a year increase, and many in the private sector are seeing wages rise. Of course, everyone is struggling with unemployment rates rising to 8.2 percent. Still, it is onerous that federal employees seem to be bearing the brunt of this budget crisis.

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