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Rand Paul Scuttles D.C. Budget Bill with 'Right to Work' Amendment

Alya Solomon is the assistant legislative/political coordinator of the Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) derailed the D.C. Budget Autonomy Act yesterday when he launched what DC Vote called “a full-scale assault on DC Home Rule.” In addition to controversial amendments regarding guns and abortions, Rand proposed extending anti-labor “right to work” laws to the District.

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Unions, Others React to Court Upholding Health Care Reform

Here’s a look at other reactions to today’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling upholding the Affordable Care Act, including the requirement to purchase health insurance.


At a time when so many Americans are struggling to get by and students continue to graduate from college with a mountain of debt and few job prospects, this law puts health care within reach for working families, keeps our communities healthier and ensures that Americans can get the treatment they need, when they need it, without battling big insurance companies. We need to work together to build upon the success of the Affordable Care Act, not prolong partisan attempts to tear it apart.

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Made in America: You Won't Believe It—Google's Nexus Q

This week leading up to July 4 we're highlighting American products, jobs and stories for our Made in America series. What are your favorite Made in America products? Please comment and share your ideas.

USA When we set out to highlight American-made products, services and jobs this week, we never thought Google would be among companies making the list. Yet today’s New York Times reports that the tech giant is creating its latest hot item, the Nexus Q wireless home media player, in the United States.

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Pablo Alvarado: Love Will Conquer Hate

Pablo Alvarado, president of the National Day Laborers’ Organizing Network, says in an op-ed in yesterday's Miami Herald that there is reason to believe attitudes are changing against the "Arizona approach" to immigration policies. Although the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the racial profiling provision of S.B. 1070, Alvarado says President Obama's announcement to halt the deportation of those young immigrants who would be eligible for U.S. residency under the terms of the DREAM Act illustrates this shift in thinking.

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Larry Matheney Charleston Gazette Op-Ed: Economic Patriots, Economic Traitors

Bring Jobs Home

Larry Matheney, secretary-treasurer of the West Virginia AFL-CIO, wrote an Op-Ed Tuesday on economic patriotism, bringing quality manufacturing jobs back to America and supporting legislation that would  end  tax incentives to American corporations who send jobs overseas. 

Here is an excerpt:

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The 2012 Great Labor Arts Exchange: Conference on Creative Organizing and Camp Solidarity

The Great Labor Arts Exchange poster image from

Darryl Moch is the executive director of the Labor Heritage Foundation.

The culture of labor solidarity sparkled June 22–25 at the 34th annual Great Labor Arts Exchange held at the Maritime Institute in Linthicum Heights, Md.  Sponsored by the Labor Heritage Foundation (LHF), the three-day program of workshops, sharing experiences and song/performance/art-swapping featured artists and cultural activists from a variety of unions and organizations, including international artist-activists from Canada and Nigeria.

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Frank Guinta Could Help Save The USPS But Isn't

Bill Brickley is a member of the National Association of Letter Carriers, serving on the New Hampshire Letter Carrier Executive Board as CD1 legislative liaison. He also serves on the New Hampshire AFL-CIO Executive Board and is a former New Hampshire Area Coordinator for Amnesty International and a New Hampshire Labor News blogger. This post originally appeared in New Hampshire Labor News. 

In a different political climate Postal Reform legislation would make its way seamlessly through Congress and be quietly signed into law by the President. Postal legislation has long been a bi partisan issue. That political climate no longer exists mainly because the GOP (Guardians Of the Powerful) are focused on grinding government to a halt and manufacturing controversies to divert voters short attention span. The Senate has passed a flawed Postal Reform bill S1789 and it’s now time for the House of Representatives to act. The problem is postal reform legislation is currently stalled in the Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

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Made in America: Take a Union-Made Vacation

Make sure your summer vacation is Made in America.


This week, leading up to July 4, we're highlighting American products, jobs and stories for our Made in America series. What are your favorite Made in America products? Please comment and share your ideas.

What could be more “Made in America” than a good old USA summer vacation that’s union-made, too? Here are some travel tips from Union Plus. If you are headed for a major theme park, many are staffed by union members, including the 36,000 union workers from 18 unions at the Disney Parks in Anaheim, Calif., and Orlando, Fla. On top of that, several offer discounts through Union Plus, click here.

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Gov. Brewer Declares War on Voting

Donna Gratehouse, who blogs at Democratic Diva and elsewhere on all things Arizona, sends us this.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer gloated over Monday's Supreme Court decision upholding the racial profiling provision of S.B. 1070, describing it as a victory and vindication. But the governor's buoyed spirits were quickly deflated as she learned the U.S. Department of Homeland Security suspended the 287(g) status of many Arizona law enforcement agencies—287(g) is the agreement that allows state and local police departments to perform some immigration enforcement functions.

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Bring Jobs Home: What Are You Doing to Take Action?

It's Time to Bring Jobs Home

In actions and events from Anchorage, Alaska, to Montgomery, Ala., thousands of working families and their unions are urging Congress to take action on the nation’s jobs crisis, part of the AFL-CIO’s Bring Jobs Home campaign.

Check out some of the events below and be sure to join them if they’re in your area. Can’t find anything nearby? Check out the full list of Bring Jobs Home events here.

Also, be sure to text JOBS to 235246 to get info and action alerts to help bring America's jobs home. (Message and data rates may apply.)

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