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New Immigrant Businesses Are Good for U.S. Economy

New Immigrant Businesses Are Good for U.S. Economy

Immigrant-owned new businesses are critical to jump-starting the U.S. economy and creating jobs, according to a recent report by
the Partnership for a New American Economy.

Immigrant-owned businesses now employ one out of every 10 U.S. workers at privately owned companies and add more than $775 billion of revenue to the U.S. gross domestic product.

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Union Summer Organizes for Change with New York City Taxi Drivers

Photo Credit: Robert Struckman

The next time you take a cab, take a moment to think about the person driving the car. Taxi drivers typically do not have the same benefits as workers in other professions. But the National Taxi Workers Alliance (NTWA) is working to change that. 

NTWA in New York City is the largest taxi driver union in the United States working to ensure that its members can make a living wage. This summer, Sahar Khan, one of the nine New York Union Summer interns, is learning about NTWA's innovative strategies to grow the union's membership.

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Mitt Romney:


Mitt Romney likes to cite his experience as a businessman as qualifying him to be president.

A new website takes a close look at Romney’s participation in the corporate world—his many years as CEO of the hedge fund Bain Capital. The closer you look, the uglier it gets.

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Palermo CEO Seeks Meeting with Trumka in Pizza Strike

The AFL-CIO welcomes a dialogue with Palermo Villa Inc. CEO Giacomo Fallucca to discuss the company’s recent actions in response to union organizing efforts among workers at the pizza manufacturing plant in Milwaukee, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said today.

I am encouraged by your willingness to discuss workers’ desire for a voice on the job. It is only through open dialogue that management and labor can reach a just and fair resolution of workplace problems, and I am happy to participate in opening such a dialogue.

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Young Workers Showcase Solidarity, Creativity, Team-Building at WSLC Convention

After WA YELL’s first annual convention, (from left) Kamaria Hightower, Justine Winnie, Elaine Carlson, U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell, Tasha West Baker and Jorge Antonio Valenzuela.

This is a cross-post, by Justine Winnie, from The Stand, a project of the Washington State Labor Council (WSLC) and its affiliated unions. Winnie of OPEIU Local 8 is the newly elected recording secretary for WA YELL. 

More than 50 young leaders and allies converged Aug. 5 in Wenatchee for the Washington Young Emerging Labor Leaders’ (WA YELL's) first annual convention. Members from diverse corners of the state kicked off their time at the WSLC’s convention with a bang and brought their trademark spark and dedication to movement-building across industries, unions and generations.

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Immigration Action and Its Troubling Effects on Children

Immigration Action and Its Troubling Effects on Children

Imagine if you were a child and living in constant fear of losing your parents.

For many children of aspiring citizens, potential loss of one or both parents is a day-to-day reality. Deportations can force children into foster care when their parents are shipped out of the country and leave single mothers struggling to make ends meet.

A new Center for American Progress report highlights how deportations break up families and negatively affect the entire community.

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Pa. and N.H. Union Members Tell Ryan: Hands Off Medicare

Photos by Dave Vinski.

This morning in Carnegie, Pa., union activists and allies were on hand to greet Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan to protest his and Mitt Romney’s plan to end Medicare as we know it and shower even more tax breaks on the wealthy and corporations, with working families footing the bill.

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Who's Funding American Crossroads?

Lately we’ve been talking about the vast amounts of money that the super-wealthy have been pouring into politics with the hope of buying elections for pro-corporations, anti-worker candidates who will further tip the scales of power against working people’s interests.

One of the key front groups for the 1 percent is Crossroads. “Crossroads” is actually multiple groups formed by former GOP operatives Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie, with the shared goal of electing anti-worker candidates. The most important entities within the Crossroads family are American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS

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California’s Prop. 32: How Does It Affect Union Members?

Why would corporate CEOs and deep-pocketed conservative campaign contributors finance and push a California ballot initiative that purports to keep “Special Interest” money out of politics?

Because thanks to loopholes big enough to drive armored trucks full of campaign cash through, it doesn’t keep their money out of politics. Prop. 32 keeps union members’ money out of politics.

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Sign Petition Demanding Ohio Reinstate Early Voting

Sign Petition Demanding Ohio Reinstate Early Voting

Turn outrage into action by signing a new petition demanding an end to Ohio’s voter suppression. just launched a petition demanding that Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted restore weekend voting hours in the weeks leading up to Election Day.

To sign the petition, click here.

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