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Richard Trumka: JPMorgan Chase Should Be Liable for Alleged Acts of Fraud by Bear Stearns

Photo by Denny Delie

JPMorgan Chase should be liable for alleged fraud by Bear Stearns, which it now owns, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said in a statement released today.

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USW Warns Great Salt Lake Project Poses Environmental Dangers

A plan by the major mineral company, Great Salt Lake Minerals Corp., with ties to a Louisiana salt mine (North American Salt Co.), to expand its mineral extraction production at the Great Salt Lake, poses a threat to Utah’s Great Salt Lake ecosystem, says the United Steelworkers (USW).

North American Salt Co. also has a record of safety and health violations (enter Mine ID 1600358, to view to view violations) and unfair labor practices.  

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Food Service Workers: What Can You Get for a Dime a Day? A Lot Actually


This a guest post from Saru Jayaraman,  director of the Food Labor Research Center at the University of California, Berkeley, and co-founder and co-director of the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, and Joann Lo, executive director of the Food Chain Workers Alliance.

Big Food companies and their lobbying groups have lied to us many times. They convinced Congress to include tomato paste on pizzas as a vegetable. They say we need industrial, chemical-laden agriculture to feed the world (check out Anna Lappé’s new video Food MythBusters to learn that we don’t). And Big Food has also spread the mythology that if the minimum wage is raised, food will become so expensive that none of us will be able to afford to eat out—or eat at all—again.

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Does the Boss Pocket Your State Taxes?

Photo by eyewashdesign: A. Golden/Flickr

Remember the state fiscal crisis, when state treasuries were running out of money because revenues (aka taxes) were down and cuts to education, health care, public safety and roads were the flavor of the day?

One of the little known factors behind this loss of revenue to state treasuries—and this is hard to believe—is that in 19 states, with Pennsylvania on the verge of becoming number 20, corporations are pocketing workers’ state income taxes instead of sending the weekly withholding to the state where it could be used to help pay for education, health care, public safety and roads.   

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Wear Jeans? Why Made in America Matters to You

Photo by Hendrike:

"Wear Jeans? Why Made in America Matters to You" is a cross-post from the Youth Monument blog, by Celeste Drake, trade and globalization policy specialist at the AFL-CIO. 

“Buy American.” “Made in America.” In today’s interconnected world, those ideas might seem more like leftovers from the Cold War—not important maxims for America’s future. After all, young Americans are drinking Colombian coffee in the morning, skyping with friends in the U.K. at lunch, buying a made-in-China iPhone in the afternoon and drinking Italian wine in the evening. The idea of “Buying American,” or economic patriotism, might seem quaint, if not outright ridiculous.

Fact is, making things in America isn’t an obsolete idea. It’s how we built this country into the largest economy the world has ever seen. And it’s imperative for America’s future. 

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Florida Again Leading the Way in Assaulting the Rights of Voters

Photo courtesy of ecgarrison

Recent years have seen an assault on the rights of voters across the country, from stringent identification requirements to the throwing away of valid voter registration applications. While most states are seeing only one or two of the variety of assaults on the rights of voters, Florida, as it has in the past, is leading the way in different ways of denying legitimate citizens their right to vote.

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Richard Trumka: Americans Don't Want That 'Grand Bargain'

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka

Cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid just so that millionaires and billionaires can continue to receive tax breaks and other giveaways? "We could not disagree more," says AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka in an Op-Ed in today's Politico, "Americans Don't Want 'Grand Bargain.'"

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Obama Builds Modern Navy, Romney Stuck in 1916

This is one of the Virginia class nuclear submarines being built at Newport News Shipyards. Newport News Shipyard photo.

In Monday night’s presidential debate, when Mitt Romney boldly proclaimed that the U.S. Navy has fewer ships today than it did in 1916, President Obama reminded him that the Navy’s 21st century mission is far different and the fleet’s capabilities are far greater.

But with the election in two weeks, Republicans twisted President Obama’s barbed response to Romney as a grievous insult to the Navy and a threat to the men and women who are continuing to build the world’s most modern naval warfare force ever. 

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Women Vote 2012: Why Are YOU Voting?

Why are YOU voting this November?

Women are bringing home the bacon, says AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Elizabeth Shuler, and what are they most concerned about this election? Jobs and the economy.

Shuler addressed more than 100 women of all ages at a Women Vote 2012 kick-off luncheon today at the AFL-CIO headquarters. 

Now, more than ever, women need to make sure their voices are heard about the kind of future they envision for themselves and their families. 

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El Paso Nurses Choose NNU in Vote for Patient Care

NNU Photo

Registered nurses at Providence Memorial Hospital in El Paso, Texas, voted by nearly 2-to-1 last week to join the National Nurses Organizing Committee-Texas, the Texas affiliate of National Nurses United (NNU). NNOC-Texas will represent some 500 RNs at the hospital. 

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