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Second Bill of Rights

I can't believe with all the time I spend online and reading pro-labor lists, including AFL-CIO, I only tonight learned the bumper sticker I've been praying for is now possible:

"Full employment AT a living wage. A mandate for reducing hours required for living wage."

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American Crossroads President Falsely Claims Unions Spend More Than Super PACs

Steven Law's claims that unions spend more than Super PACs in elections is pretty interesting math.

Some folks have been trying to make political hay with the easy availability of union financial information. As noted in an earlier post, however, The Wall Street Journal’s methodology in “discovering” the levels of labor union spending was fatally flawed and painted a false (and politically advantageous) picture.

And now Steven Law, the president of American Crossroads, a Republican super PAC, is using ridiculous fictions to try to defend the activities of the Karl Rove-backed group, claiming that the hundreds of millions of dollars that American Crossroads will spend on the election will somehow be dwarfed by what unions will spend.  

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It's Not Too Late: Finish Your Degree with National Labor College

Photo from the 2012 graduation at the National Labor College.

There’s still time to enroll in the fall semester of the online program at the National Labor College (NLC). Aug. 17 is the deadline for scholarships and financial aid applications for fall 2012. NLC also is offering Solidarity awards to new students who register for two courses by Aug. 17. Awards cover the cost of one three-credit course (value $915). Here is more info on the online degree program from NLC:

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Breaking: AFL-CIO Endorses Nationwide Boycott of Palermo's Products

Breaking: AFL-CIO Endorses Nationwide Boycott of Palermo's Products

The AFL-CIO endorsed a nationwide boycott of Palermo's Pizza (Palermo Villa Inc.) in response to the company’s blatant disregard of its workers’ choice to form a union. The boycott covers Palermo’s brand pizza, “Classics” brand pizza and private-label brand frozen pizza produced by Palermo's, including Costco’s Kirkland brand. This endorsement is part of the continued support for the efforts of the Palermo Workers Union by the United Steelworkers and the AFL-CIO, community and immigrant rights groups like Voces de la Frontera and students from the United States Student Association, the nation’s largest and oldest student-led organization.

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Tennessee Unions Donate Trailer to United Way

Nashville and local Tennesee unions donated trailer to United Way.

United Way of Metropolitan Nashville was in dire need of a new trailer to help with community outreach efforts. That’s where the local unions came in.

Central Labor Council of Nashville and Middle Tennessee, Nashville Building Trades, Tennessee AFL-CIO Labor Council and 39 affiliated local and regional unions pitched in donations for the trailer and the artwork along the sides. The trailer was used last Thursday for United Way's Day of Action, when it delivered backpacks and school supplies to area schools for children in need. 

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You Can Help NASA Firefighters in Struggle with Security Giant G4S

NASA firefighters and paramedics at Kennedy Space Center in Florida have spent half a century protecting America’s legendary launch site. But now members of the Transport Workers (TWU) in this unique fire department are in the middle of a struggle with one of the world’s largest security corporations that is demanding huge cuts in wages and retirement security. You can help.

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One-Fourth of Pennsylvania 'Hall of Fame' Senior Voters Lack Voter ID

Voting booths in Hartford, CT.

A small group of Pennsylvania voters who cast a ballot in 50 consecutive November elections is an elite bunch. In the state, they’re inducted into the “Voter Hall of Fame.”

However, thanks to a new Voter ID law passed by state Republicans, nearly one-fourth of these civically minded seniors do not have the proper state-issued ID to vote this November.

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Marketplace Seeking Union Voices in the News

Photo by S. Diddy/Flickr

Do you believe that unions and union members are too often ignored or wrongly portrayed when the media reports on the economy, business and jobs? Now you have the chance to change that and add a union member’s voice and perspective to the news. The folks who produce public radio's Marketplace want to hear from you.

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Union Summer: Turning Organizing Theory into Practice

Lesley Salinas, a Union Summer intern, practicing house calls with the Oregon School Employees Assocation (OSEA).

Organizing and mobilization, in theory, is one thing; it’s a whole different ballgame in practice.

After a week of orientation at the AFL-CIO headquarters in Washington, D.C., Union Summer interns in Portland, Ore., are applying the theories they learned to the hands-on work they do on-site.

Intern Lesley Salinas explains:

The time spent in Washington I classify as 'theory’ versus the hands-on training that I have been involved in locally in the community. During the training, I was given a lot of information that has been truly useful during these Union Summer weeks.

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Elections: The Myth of the Small Donor

Flickr photo courtesy of 401(K) 2012

“There is simply a better payoff by courting seven-figure donors,” said Matt Schlapp, a former White House political director for George W. Bush, in a Politico story Tuesday.

The story, “Election 2012: The Myth of the Small Donor,” details the meteoric rise of the mega-donor. Multimillion-dollar donations from people like Sheldon Adelson, Frank VanderSloot and the Koch brothers are “quickly diminishing one of the few avenues—outside of voting—for average folks to shape elections, help determine candidates’ viability and affect the course of the country.”

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