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Scott Walker’s No Abe Lincoln

Scott Walker’s No Abe Lincoln

In a speech yesterday to the Illinois Chamber of Commerce in Springfield, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) compared himself to Abraham Lincoln, saying he possessed the same type of “courage” as Lincoln did “to move the state forward.” Labor historian Larry Spivack says even today, Lincoln would take exception to the comparison.

History suggests the capital city’s most famous son might be tumbling in his tomb.

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Wal-Mart: One More Reason Why We Need Equal Pay

More and more families depend on a woman’s paycheck to put food on the table and a roof overhead. We need decent wages and flexible workplaces with paid sick days and family leave. While Equal Pay Day is still fresh in our minds, let’s commit to getting involved in raising the standard of living for working women everywhere. Let’s build the movement for workplaces that support caregivers. Let’s start with Wal-Mart.

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Public Investment Best Engine for Economic Growth

The surest route to returning to the productivity, economic growth and employment the United States experienced in the post-World War II era and again in the late 1990s requires a substantial increase in public investments, a new report from the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) finds.

But the biggest obstacle facing any significant boost to public investments, writes EPI Economist Josh Bivens is “how myopic the economic debate about budget deficits has become in the United States.”

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Speakers Oppose 'Blunt Instrument of Program Consolidation' at Job Training Hearing

Speakers Oppose 'Blunt Instrument of Program Consolidation' at Job Training Hearing

Several speakers criticized the Republican approach to the reauthorization of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) during a Tuesday hearing by the Education and the Workforce Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives.One provision of the the Republican bill would limit the input and participation from labor unions, community colleges and youth organizations on state and local Workforce Investment Boards.

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ALEC Disbands Key Task Force as More Corporations Sever Ties

The extremist American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has announced it is disbanding its task force that developed and pushed the rash of voter suppression and “stand your ground ” laws passed in recent  years by Republican-controlled state legislatures. But don't believe that ALEC is backing off its attacks on workers, their wages and their unions. Meanwhile, the group continues to lose key members, with two more major companies severing ties with the right-wing group

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Tax Day Actions Demand 1% and Corporations Pay Their Fair Share

Tax day demonstration in Ames, Iowa

In “Tax Wealth Not Work,” Tax Day actions around the nation today, activists from the AFL-CIO, Working America, Move On and other unions and progressive groups of the 99% Spring coalition demanded that the 1% and corporations pay their fair share.

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Women Still Paid Only 77 Cents for Every Dollar a Man Gets

In 2010, women who worked full-time, year round, still only earned 77 percent of what men earned. The median earnings for women were $36,931 compared with $47,715 for men, and neither real median earnings nor the female-to-male earnings ratio have increased since 2009. And even though women are outpacing men in getting college degrees, that’s not enough to close the gender pay gap.

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Act Now to Stop Attack on Fair Union Election Rule

Congressional Republicans—backed by their corporate sponsors—are trying to ram through a resolution that would kill a new fair union election rule approved last year by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Click here to send a message to your senators and urge them to vote “NO” on S.J. Res. 36 when it comes to a vote later this week.

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Students Win as Cleveland Teachers, Mayor Find Common Ground

Earlier this year, it looked like a battle was brewing between Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and the Cleveland Teachers Union (CTU). Jackson’s school reform plan would have eliminated collective bargaining and a number of other workplace provisions for teachers. But CTU leaders, Jackson and other education advocates worked together to find common ground and to keep their focus on the kids.

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Standard & Poor's: Congress Endangering Biz Credit by Not Funding Transportation

How bad does U.S. infrastructure have to get before congressional Republicans take action?/John Mallon

Uncertainty over whether Congress will fund transportation infrastructure not only endangers drivers and airline passengers, but creates a credit risk for companies involved, according to a new study by Standard & Poor's.

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