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Immigration Action and Its Troubling Effects on Children

Immigration Action and Its Troubling Effects on Children

Imagine if you were a child and living in constant fear of losing your parents.

For many children of aspiring citizens, potential loss of one or both parents is a day-to-day reality. Deportations can force children into foster care when their parents are shipped out of the country and leave single mothers struggling to make ends meet.

A new Center for American Progress report highlights how deportations break up families and negatively affect the entire community.

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Pa. and N.H. Union Members Tell Ryan: Hands Off Medicare

Photos by Dave Vinski.

This morning in Carnegie, Pa., union activists and allies were on hand to greet Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan to protest his and Mitt Romney’s plan to end Medicare as we know it and shower even more tax breaks on the wealthy and corporations, with working families footing the bill.

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Who's Funding American Crossroads?

Lately we’ve been talking about the vast amounts of money that the super-wealthy have been pouring into politics with the hope of buying elections for pro-corporations, anti-worker candidates who will further tip the scales of power against working people’s interests.

One of the key front groups for the 1 percent is Crossroads. “Crossroads” is actually multiple groups formed by former GOP operatives Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie, with the shared goal of electing anti-worker candidates. The most important entities within the Crossroads family are American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS

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California’s Prop. 32: How Does It Affect Union Members?

Why would corporate CEOs and deep-pocketed conservative campaign contributors finance and push a California ballot initiative that purports to keep “Special Interest” money out of politics?

Because thanks to loopholes big enough to drive armored trucks full of campaign cash through, it doesn’t keep their money out of politics. Prop. 32 keeps union members’ money out of politics.

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Sign Petition Demanding Ohio Reinstate Early Voting

Sign Petition Demanding Ohio Reinstate Early Voting

Turn outrage into action by signing a new petition demanding an end to Ohio’s voter suppression. just launched a petition demanding that Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted restore weekend voting hours in the weeks leading up to Election Day.

To sign the petition, click here.

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Every 2.5 Days, a Construction Worker Dies in Texas; and What Two Groups Are Doing About It

Photo courtesy of the Workers Defense Project.

Cristina Tzintzun, executive director of the Workers Defense Project, and Michael Cunningham, executive director and secretary/treasurer of the Texas State Building and Construction Trades Council, send us this

Few construction labor leaders have ever thought of Texas as an easy place to organize. The state legislature is controlled by a super majority of Republicans that are sternly anti-immigrant and anti-worker. Construction business interests have a firm grip on the legislature. The biggest Republican donor in the state is Bob Perry, of Perry Homes, one of the largest home builders in Texas. That is why the efforts of unions and community groups to reform the construction industry in the state are so significant.

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Atlanta Falcons Players, Labor Council Team Up for Voter Registration Drive

Photo by DawgFanJeff/Flickr

If you live in the Marietta, Ga., area and haven’t registered to vote and are a football fan, you have a chance Wednesday to make your voice heard at the ballot box and meet members of the Atlanta Falcons and NFL Players Association (NFLPA). The players are pitching in with the Atlanta-North Georgia Labor Council for a voter registration event from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches at 801 Church St., N.E.

No matter where you live, if you haven’t registered to vote, click here to find out how to register in your state. 

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Union Good Samaritan Makes Sure Money for the Homeless Not Gone with the Wind

A lot of us—I confess I’ve done it—have gotten distracted getting into the car and left something on the roof or trunk and driven off. That’s what Jane Corbett of Shrewsbury, Mo., did last week near St. Louis, with more than $800 earmarked to feed the homeless. Thanks to the fast action of Plasterers and Cement Masons (OPCMIA) member Ray Leuthauser and the generosity of his fellow union members, nobody missed a meal.

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Republican or Democratic President? Which Is Better for Your Pocketbook?

Republican or Democratic President? Which Is Better for Your Pocketbook?

Are you financially better off when the president is a Republican or Democrat?

According to a new book, Bulls, Bears and the Ballot Box: How the Performance of Our Presidents Has Impacted Your Wallet, the answer is not what is widely believed.

In an analysis spanning 80 years and 13 presidents—from Herbert Hoover to George W. Bush—authors Lew Goldfarb and Bob Deitrick show, in their words,

the GOP theory of Republican economic dominance is no more than a myth. Period.

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States that Boost the Minimum Wage Have Less Job Loss in a Recession

NE min wage

A new study finds that when states raised the minimum wage in recent recessions, their economies suffered less job loss than those that did not (click on chart at left to expand).

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