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The Consequences of Austerity Are Dire

Severe budget cuts (for example, the kind required by the  sequester ), also known as “ austerity ” policies—expected to be implemented in 119 countries across the globe in 2013—are the wrong solution to the world’s economic crisis, concludes a  new paper released by the Initiative for Policy Dialogue and the South Centre .

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Labor Activist Leaves Legacy of Strengthening Global Worker Rights

Photo courtesy of USLEAP.

Stephen Coats, executive director of the U.S. Labor Education in the Americas Project (USLEAP) and a longtime global worker rights activist, died yesterday morning in his sleep. In 1987, Coats founded the U.S./Guatemala Labor Education Project, which later became USLEAP.

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Juicy Couture’s Health Care Dodge

Juicy Couture’s Health Care Dodge

Juicy Couture, that hip, L.A.-centric, high-end clothing and apparel chain, is engaging in what can only be described as tragically unhip corporate behavior. It is, workers say, replacing its full-time workforce with part-timers in order to duck its obligations to provide paid leave and health care for the workers.

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A New Woman: Program Prepares New York Women in the Building Trades

The Nontraditional Employment for Women ( NEW ) program in New York City prepares women for careers in construction and related industries through an innovative training and placement program that guides low-income women toward a meaningful career and solid financial footing.

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99 Stories and More to Come: Job-Killing Sequester Cuts Hurt Families Across the United States

Forget the silly fluff pieces mainstream media are reporting about sequestration's effect on White House tours—there is real pain happening all over the United States.

Sam Stein and Amanda Terkel of The Huffington Post cover 99 stories of the job losses and pain felt in states across the country in  Sequestration Effects: Cuts Sting Communities Nationwide .

Read the first 10 stories after the jump. 

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Is It Too Much to Ask That a Working Mother Gets Paid Enough to Feed Her Family Without Food Stamps?

Photo courtesy of the South Carolina AFL-CIO

South Carolina AFL-CIO  sends us this update On Monday, more than 50 community members from Boiling Springs and Spartanburg, S.C., participated in a “dine-in” at Copper River Grill in support of the servers, bartenders, hostesses and other workers as they fight for a voice on the job and the right to self-representation at work. The community wore stickers today that read "I Support the Workers of Copper River Grill." 

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What's Behind the Momentum for Paid Sick Days?

In just two weeks, the movement for paid sick days has seen three victories—in Portland, Ore., Philadelphia and, most recently, New York City. Local coalitions in each place encountered fierce opposition, and yet the wave of wins continues.

Why now?

Because people need it, demanded it and built the capacity to win.

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Learn Strategic Campaign Research at the AFL-CIO/Cornell Summer School

Photo courtesy of Cornell Summer's Facebook page.

An annual research summer school co-sponsored by the AFL-CIO and Cornell University has served as an effective stepping-stone for students of all ages who are interested in working as campaign researchers. Over the last decade, the program has placed hundreds of participants in research jobs at unions across the country.

The summer school this year is June 9–14 in Ithaca, N.Y. The application deadline is May 17. 

Scholarships are available to individuals, based on need, if taking the course for credit. 

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Paid Sick Leave Bill Advances in New York City

New York City workers would receive five paid sick days a year under a measure the New York City Council will vote on soon. The New York Times reports the paid sick leave bill is expected to pass with enough votes to override Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s promised veto.

A powerful coalition of workers, unions and community groups mobilized around the issue that had been bottled up in the City Council. The groups were able to come to an agreement with Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn to bring the paid sick leave measure to a vote.

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NutterWatch Counts Down Days Mayor Has to Act on Earned Sick Days Bill

Photo courtesy studio8denver

Through its NutterWatch campaign, the Coalition for Healthy Families and Workplaces has been counting down the days until Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter (D) is required to act upon a new earned sick days bill, making the case that the legislation should be passed. Nutter has until April 4 to sign the bill or it will become law without his signature. If the law goes into effect, it would pave the way for 200,000 of the city's workers to have the opportunity to earn sick days at work.

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