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New Romney Attack Ad Features Miners Forced to Pose Without Pay

Photo from the Romney for America campaign YouTube page.

Ohio coal miners at a Murray Energy mine (a nonunion mine) lost a day's pay when they were forced to attend a mandatory Mitt Romney campaign rally in Beallsville last month. 

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported:

Because the company's mine had to be shut down for "safety and security" reasons during Romney's visit, [Murray Energy Chief Financial Officer Rob] Moore confirmed workers were not paid that day. He said miners also lose pay when weather or power outages shut down the mine and noted that federal election law doesn't let companies pay workers to attend political events.

Now, the Romney campaign is featuring these coal miners in its new attack ad claiming President Obama is "anti-coal."

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Voter Fraud? You're More Likely to Be Struck by Lightning

Think voter fraud is a problem? Think again. The chance of voter fraud occurring in a federal election is 1 in 2.3 million. A person is more likely to be struck by lightning or attacked by a swarm of bees than commit voter fraud. 

Thirty-four states introduced voter ID requirements that would effectively disenfranchise more than 21 million eligible voters who don’t have the required IDs—mostly people of color, low-income voters, students, seniors and people with disabilities.

The NAACP recently released this video, Dangerous World, which shows voter fraud isn't dangerous but stopping 21 million people from voting is. 

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Romney Bemoans Union Contracts Would Prevent Mass Firing of Federal Workers

Romney Bemoans Union Contracts Would Prevent Mass Firing of Federal Workers

We all have regrets in our lives, even Mitt Romney, who told a group of high-roller donors that he regrets federal workers are protected by union contracts, so that if he wins the election, he won’t be able to fire as many workers as he’d like to.

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Chicago Teachers, Students Heading Back to School

Chicago teachers vote to end strike. CTU full membership will vote on the framework for an agreement in the upcoming weeks.

Chicago's striking teachers will head back to school today after the Chicago Teachers Union's House of Delegates voted to suspend their strike while members consider an agreement framework.

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Pa. Supreme Court Voter ID Development Is a 'Positive Step'

Pa. AFL-CIO and community activists helped voters sign up for IDs Sept. 18.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision to send the voter ID law back to the lower court for evaluation on whether the law disenfranchises voters "is a positive step," says AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. 

But it is also a reminder of how cumbersome voter ID laws have become to voters. We are less than 50 days away from a critically important election, and many voters are going to face problems voting because of confusing voter ID laws. In Pennsylvania alone, more than 758,000 residents lack a state-issued ID and nationally the problem is even bigger. 

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Trumka: Romney’s ‘Entitlement’ Remarks 'Spit in the Face of Everyday People’

Trumka: Romney’s ‘Entitlement’ Remarks 'Spit in the Face of Everyday People’

When Mitt Romney dismissed 47 percent of the population as shiftless riff-raff who pay no income taxes and live off government largess, the Republican presidential nominee “spit in the face of everyday people who know what it means to work incredibly hard and still sometimes fail to get by,” says AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.

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Romney Paid Only Half a Percent More in Taxes than Poorest People in the U.S.

 The poor actually pay a higher share of their income in taxes than people like Romney do, it's just they don’t pay it in federal income tax.

Damon Silvers is the policy director and special counsel of the AFL-CIO. 

The psychology of Mitt Romney's apparent attack on 47 percent of Americans is fascinating. It’s all about the excuses the very rich make up to cover for their refusal to bear their fair share of the costs of maintaining civilization. Because, of course, the poor actually pay a higher share of their income in taxes than people like Romney do, it's just they don’t pay it in federal income tax. The poorest 20 percent of America pays 23 percent of their income in state and federal taxes—in payroll taxes, sales taxes and other excise taxes and state income taxes. As we know, in the one year Romney has disclosed, he paid just under 14 percent in federal taxes, almost all of his income was not subject to payroll tax, and his state income tax bill was likely far less than 8 percent of his income.  By the way, in 2011, 13,000 families in the top 1 percent of income paid no federal income tax.

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Florida County Blocks Sick Leave Ballot Measure

A three-judge panel in Orange County, Fla., yesterday ruled a paid sick leave initiative that garnered more than 50,000 signatures should be on the November ballot. But today is the deadline for printing ballots and the county’s mayor and the County Commission refused to put the measure before the voters.

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UAW and AFSCME Pitch In to Build a Home for a Toledo Family in Need

Union members pitch in for United Way's Week of Caring and help build a home for a Toledo family in need.

Toledo union members pitched in during United Way's Week of Caring to help build a home for a local family. Volunteers, including members of UAW Local 14 and AFSCME Local 544, along with AFL-CIO Labor Community Services liaisons Micheal Alexander and Laura Harrison, joined Habitat for Humanity on the project.

Volunteers, organized through United Way of Greater Toledo, helped install siding on the house. The entire project will take several months to complete. 

See more photos from the United Way of Greater Toledo's Week of Caring 2012.  

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Why Hundreds of Pennsylvanians Braved the Rain to Get an ID

Pa. voter David Holmes and AFL-CIO Vice President Arlene Holt Baker pose outside the DMV.

A little rain never hurt anybody and it certainly didn't stop hundreds of Pennsylvania voters from getting their voter IDs today at the Driver & Vehicle Services office in Pittsburgh. 

Pennsylvania voters who need IDs—thanks to a new state law that disenfranchises hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvania residentsincluding civic-minded seniors— were assisted by representatives from the NFL Players Association (NFLPA), along with the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO and various community groups. Because of the new law, Pennsylvania state officials say that more than 785,000 voters don’t have a state-issued photo identification.

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