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Made in America, Our Stars and Stripes. Happy July 4!

Made with pride.

Made to last.

All-American and All-American made.

The U.S. flag.

On July 4, we salute the women and men at this New Jersey factory (video) who create our star-spangled banners, our military troops who ensure our flag is still flying and all America's workers who toil to build this country with pride.

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Take Action to Support Locked-Out Con Ed Workers

New York City Central Labor Council

Some 8,500 workers locked out at Consolidated Edison Power Co. after contract negotiations stalled Sunday, say they hope the company's promise to go back to the bargaining table on Thursday means management is serious about bargaining a fair contract. The power company wants to replace pensions with a 401(k)-type savings plan, according to the New York Post, and the workers, meanwhile, are asking for a 4 percent pay hike, said union spokesman John Melia.

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Young People Succeed in Keeping Student Loan Interest Rate Low

Photo courtesy of the Young Invincibles blog

This is a cross-post from Young Invincibles.

Last week, Congress took an unusual bipartisan step and voted to keep interest rates low on popular subsidized Stafford Loans.

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U.S. Public Tells Corporations: Make It in America


Survey after survey shows the public wants corporations to stop sending jobs overseas and hopes the federal government takes action to get jobs back to this country, as demonstrated in a recent compilation of polling data by Ruy Teixeira at the Center for American Progress Action Fund.

Ninety percent said keeping jobs in America was either one of the most effective steps (59 percent) or a very effective step (31 percent) that
the government could take to improve the economy. The 2011 Pew Mobility survey also showed the “Keep jobs in America” option was ranked first out of 16 possible steps the government could take to make sure people don’t fall behind economically.

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Thousands of California Union Members Protest Walmart

Flier from the Los Angeles march against Walmart

This weekend thousands of California union members, working families and community leaders marched in Los Angeles protesting Walmart’s plan to open a store in the historic Chinatown neighborhood.

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Made in America: Here's What You Say



Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve highlighted American products, jobs and stories for our Made in America series, and we asked for your thoughts. Earlier in June, we rounded up what you told us are your favorite USA-made goods, here. This time around, there have been lots of great comments supporting Buy American, and a few questions.

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Canton Working Families and Community Leaders say ‘Bring Jobs Home’

Americans say, "Bring Jobs Home"

Local unions, community leaders and working families rallied in Canton, Ohio, Monday at a Bring Jobs Home event after an announcement that TTI Floor Care vacuum bag plant will close all local production of Hoover vacuum bags. The rally addressed different ways elected officials can create good jobs and rebuild local communities hit hard by the recession. The United Steelworkers (USW), Electrical Workers (IBEW Local 1985) and the Hall of Fame Central Labor Council took part.

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On a Mission With Nuns On the Bus

Photo courtesy of the Network Lobby Facebook Page

Usually you don’t hear a lot about nuns in the mainstream media. But everyone’s talking about the Nuns on the Bus these days and the ruckus made by Sister Simone Campbell and her band of sojourners. These Roman Catholic nuns chose the bus tour as a very public way to bear witness—to speak out against the House Republican budget authored by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI).

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Metro Jobless Rates for African Americans, Latinos in Double Digits Through 2011

Metro Jobless Rates for African Americans, Latinos in Double Digits Through 2011

African American workers’ jobless rate in 2011 hovered between 9.7 percent and 22.6 percent in 19 major metropolitan areas, according to new data from the Economic Policy Institute (EPI). Overall, the black unemployment rate was two to three times as high as that of whites. EPI also found that the 2011 unemployment rate among Latino workers was higher than 10 percent in 17 of 25 metro areas.

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Palermo’s Pizza Workers Mark One Month on Strike, Deliver Petitions in Pizza Boxes

Daniella, a daughter of a Palermo's Pizza worker drops off the petitions. Photo by Jenna Pope.

Palermo’s Pizza workers in Milwaukee are marking one month on strike with two events this week. Today, they made a "special delivery" to Palermo's Pizza headquarters: pizza boxes stuffed with petitions. 

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