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UAW VEBA-led Investor Group Reaches Agreement with Drug Companies on Executive Pay Clawbacks

In 2012, the federal government recovered $5 billion in settlements from drug companies that manufactured, marketed and sold products in violation of federal law.

Today, a coalition of 13 investors, led by the UAW Retiree Medical Benefits Trust, announced they had reached an agreement with six major companies to claw back executive pay when individuals in a company cause serious financial harm as a result of violating health care laws and company policies. 

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ALEC's ‘Kill-Shots’ for Paid Sick Leave

ALEC's ‘Kill-Shots’ for Paid Sick Leave

Earlier this week, we told you that a coalition of unions and community groups were able to move a paid sick leave bill to near fruition in New York City, while we also brought you a column by Ellen Bravo, director of Family Values @ Work, that explored the momentum behind the growing paid sick leave drive in cities across the country.

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Bangladesh: 1 Year Later, Murderer of Aminul Islam Still Free

Bangladesh union leader Aminul Islam, who was brutally murdered one year ago today.

The AFL-CIO Solidarity Center and the international worker rights movement are commemorating Bangladesh union leader Aminul Islam, who was brutally murdered one year ago today. His murderer or murderers remain at large.

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The Trouble with Freelance and Temporary Work

The Trouble with Freelancing and Temporary Work

Since the economic downturn, it's been really tough to find a job. But there is a certain type of work that is becoming more and more readily available: temporary, freelance and contract jobs. 

Jezebel writer Laura Beck writes in We’ve Seen the Future, and You’re Freelancing:

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'Ag-Gag' Bill Threatens Workers' Ability to Document Unsafe and Cruel Working Conditions

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A bill that would prevent workers from documenting unsafe working conditions and animal cruelty on farms or any industrial operation workplace using video cameras is being pushed through the Indiana Legislature. 

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Judge Strikes Down Two Anti-Worker Ariz. Laws

Chalk one up for Arizona’s workers and put another black mark up for state legislators obsessed with attacking workers and their unions for their corporate sponsors. A federal judge yesterday ruled 2011 laws on paycheck deception and restricting workers’ right to picket were unconstitutional.

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New AFL-CIO/Union Plus Jobs and Freedom Scholarships Honor 50th Anniversary of March on Washington

Aug. 28 marks the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. To commemorate the historic 1963 march, the AFL-CIO, in partnership with Union Plus, announced today a new Dreams of Jobs and Freedom Scholarship program.    

The scholarships will provide $5,000 each to at least 50 talented high school seniors—including those from union families—to help pay for the costs of higher education.

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APALA’s Cendana: Temporary Workers Must Have Rights

Gregory Cendana, executive director of the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA), warns that the national debate around creating a commonsense immigration process “has largely ignored a disturbing trend in businesses: the modern-day indentured servitude of temporary workers.”

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Boston Taxi Drivers Face Exploitation While Owners Make Millions

Boston’s taxi system is riddled with “staggering exploitation and abuses,” according to an in-depth exposé in The Boston Globe. Many of the city’s 6,200 drivers are forced to pay nightly bribes for the keys to their cabs, start the shift already more than $100 in the red and are frequently charged with “phantom shortfalls” in the fares they deposit to the cab owners.

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Mo. Paycheck Deception Aims to Silence Workers

Corporate-backed and extremist Missouri lawmakers are continuing their attacks on workers with hearings on a paycheck deception bill. In front of a Senate committee this morning, according to AFSCME Council 72, which is tweeting the hearing, witnesses told lawmakers the bill is part of a nationally driven agenda to “silence workers.”


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