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Celebrating Progress of Marriage Equality and Not Settling for Anything Less Than Full Equality

This is an excerpt from a column in The Huffington Post.

I have been following all of the news about the number of elected officials, especially U.S. senators, who are "coming out" in support of marriage equality. It is clear progress is being made and there is much celebration amongst members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community. I also recognize that marriage equality has been an entry point for many allies into the LGBT movement.

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Missouri Working Families Go Door to Door to Fight Anti-Worker Attacks

Photo courtesy We Are Missouri

This weekend, Missouri working families went door to door to tell their friends and neighbors about a series of anti-worker bills Republicans are pushing in the state legislature. Across the state, Missourians described the right-wing push that is advancing paycheck deception, anti-prevailing wage and "right to work" for less bills.

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Walmart’s Waltons' Foundation Biggest Donor to ‘Parent Revolution’

This is an excerpt from “Public Schools, Private Agenda: Parent Revolution,” by Gary Cohn of Frying Pan News.

At  first glance, it is one of the nation’s hottest new education-reform movements, a seemingly populist crusade to empower poor parents and fix failing public schools. But a closer examination reveals that the “parent-trigger” movement is being heavily financed by the conservative Walton Family Foundation, one of the nation’s largest and most strident anti-union organizations, a Frying Pan News investigation has shown.


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Coloradans Do 'Harlem Shake' in Support of Jobs Bill

Working people in Colorado have the shakes—actually, the Harlem Shake. The Colorado AFL-CIO created a Harlem Shake video in support of House Bill 1292, the "Keep Jobs in Colorado Act," which is being heard Monday in the State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee. The bill is sponsored by Democrats Pete Lee (Colorado Springs) and Dan Pabon (Denver).

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Women Taking Charge: Afro-Colombian Domestic Workers in Medellin Form Union

When Maria Roa arrived in Medellin 10 years ago, her primary focus was to provide a better life for her three children. She took a job as a domestic worker, as many Afro-Colombian women do, but quickly realized the position was underpaid and overworked. Despite the nature of this physically and emotionally challenging work, domestic workers like Maria have been successful in their organizing efforts to form a new union to combat workplace discrimination, improve benefits and establish job security.

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UNITE HERE Launches Hunger Strike in Support of Hotel Workers Targeted for Organizing

Photo courtesy UNITE HERE Local 30

UNITE HERE launched a five-day hunger strike on Friday in support of nine immigrant hotel workers who are being laid off from the Hilton Mission Valley in San Diego. The hunger strike goes through 12 p.m. on Tuesday.

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Better Idea: Increase Social Security and Medicare Benefits

As word spreads that President Obama’s budget proposal will call for Social Security and Medicare benefit cuts, other voices are calling for increasing the successful programs instead as the medicine struggling families and a weak economy need.

A report for the New America Foundation highlights the crisis in retirement security and proposes expanding Social Security.

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At the Old Ball Game: Check Out the Corporate Tax Dodger Baseball League

Leading up to Tax Day, April 15, Americans for Tax Fairness (ATF) is calling attention to 10 corporations that are dodging paying their fair share of taxes. We are releasing a set of Corporate Tax Dodger Baseball Cards because these companies are as skilled as baseball pros. Be sure to collect all 10 and see what makes these companies professional tax dodgers.

Check out some of these baseball cards after the jump. Check out ATF's website for more cards

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Bad Policy: President Obama's Budget Cuts Social Security and Medicare

Bad Policy: President Obama's Budget Cuts Social Security and Medicare

Yesterday the AFL-CIO learned President Obama's budget will cut Social Security and Medicare benefits for working families. The so-called "chained" CPI will cut Social Security benefits and middle-income seniors (people who made $47,000 a year and more) will be asked to pay higher Medicare premiums.

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Retired Ironworker Shows Union Pride in Nascar Design

Photo courtesy of the Ironworkers Facebook page.

Retired ironworker Travis Witt from Local 301 (Charleston, W.Va.) shared the photo, left, on the Ironworkers' Facebook page of a car he designed with the union's logo. 

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