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New Study Follows the Money from Wages to Corporate Profits

Photo by RambergMediaImages//Flickr

The money that hasn’t been going into workers’ paychecks while wages have stagnated for decades has been found. It’s been diverted to corporate profits and, according to a new study, that money was rerouted because of a decline in union membership—not the technology and computerization that’s boosted productivity and eliminated jobs.  

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Carwash Workers' Strike Wins Fired Co-Worker His Job Back

Photo courtesy: Joelk75

Workers at the Jomar Car Wash in Flushing, Queens, went on strike Saturday after one of their co-workers, Guillermo Anzures, was fired after an altercation with the business owner, Jose Pires, The New York Times reported. In April, workers at the carwash voted to join the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU). Since then, the workers claim their hours have been cut in retaliation, although the owners of the carwash deny that claim and state that the reduced shifts were based on reduced business.

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Tell Us: Do Unions Need to Change Their Organizational Structure to Mobilize Workers for Large-Scale Initiatives?

Tell Us: Do Unions Need to Change Their Organizational Structure to Mobilize Workers for Large-Scale Initiatives?

Join David Moberg on Tuesday, June 4, 3–4 p.m. EDT for the fifth in the AFL-CIO series of live online discussions on how we build a movement for the future of working people. Moberg, senior editor at In These Times—and the AFL-CIO—want to hear your ideas on new ways the labor movement should change or adjust its structure. He poses this question:

Would unions need to change their organizational structure or methods in order to mobilize workers for large-scale initiatives that could strengthen the labor movement?

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Kentucky Couple's ‘Ride for Respect’ at Walmart

James Vetato and his grandson, Bryson Lowery. Photo by Berry Craig

James and Trina Vetato knew about the freedom riders from history books.

This week, the Paducah, Ky., couple expects to join a civil rights movement-style protest against the world's largest retailer. The Vetatos are activists in the employees’ group Organization United for Respect at Walmart, or OUR Walmart for short. Trina currently works at a Walmart store and James is a former Walmart employee. 

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Spring Hill UAW Members Collect Truckloads of Supplies for Tornado Survivors

Photo courtesy: Jack Cobb

When Jim Pulley, a UAW member in Spring Hill, Tenn., saw the devastation caused by the tornadoes that hit Moore, Okla., he jumped into action and set up collection boxes at all of the General Motors Co. (GM) plant entrances in his hometown. His union, Local 1853, expanded on his initiative by involving its Community Services Committee. GM and community groups also got involved. Ten days later, the combined efforts of the union and the community resulted in three semi-trailer truckloads of supplies headed to help the tornado survivors.

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Trumka and Coyle: Social Security 'Continues to Work'

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka and Alliance for Retired Americans Executive Director Edward Coyle today issued this joint statement on the 2013 Social Security and Medicare Trustees Report:

The most important message from the 2013 Social Security Trustees Report is that our Social Security system continues to work for the American people.  After years of economic crisis for working families, Social Security is in better shape and more dependable than 401(k)s, private pensions or any other public or private program. We must call out those who will try to misuse today’s report as political cover for unwarranted and ill-advised benefit cuts, like switching to the “chained CPI” to calculate Social Security’s annual cost-of-living increase (COLA).

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The June Fight over Student Loans

Illustration by thisisbossi/flickr

Today (Friday), President Obama will join college students at a White House event launching a new push to keep student loan rates from doubling in July. Among the various plans offered, Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) plan is the most affordable for students, while the Republican plan tries to “make money” off of students using fluctuating “market rates.”

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Priming the Pump

It has been five years since the irresponsible speculation of our financial sector drove the U.S. economy over a cliff. Not since the wild excesses of the 1920s resulted in the Great Depression has anything as dire resulted from the machinations of our bankers and brokers.

The massive federal...

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Behind the Smoke: What Immigration Reform Really Means

Behind the Smoke: What Immigration Reform Really Means

As commonsense immigration reform moves through the U.S. Senate, people and groups on the losing side of the debate are making outrageous claims in bogus studies and TV commercials. Let’s take a minute and revisit some of the facts about immigration reform.

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