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Prepaid Cards: High Fees for Low Wages

Photo by DJJudah/Flickr

When payday rolls around, more and more workers aren’t getting paper paychecks or direct deposits to their checking accounts, but instead are finding their wages on prepaid cards.

The new trend—especially  prevalent in low-wage industries—saves the employer money,  and means big (and mostly unregulated) profits for the banks and financial institutions that issue the cards. It also eats big chunks of the workers’ pay though a bevy of fees they must pay to access their accounts.

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Stop in the Name of Love—of Country

Photo via the New York State AFL-CIO Facebook page.

The conduct of the New York State Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) in rehabilitating the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge can only be described as anti-American.

The MTA plans to send $235.7 million of Americans' hard-earned toll dollars to China for foreign steel and foreign fabrication to renovate a bridge over the Hudson River that Americans built with American steel and American fabrication 50 years ago.

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Longtime Labor Leader Named to Houston Port Commission

Longtime labor leader Clyde Fitzgerald, president of the South Atlantic & Gulf Coast District of the International Longshoremen's Association (ILA), has been appointed to serve on the Port Commission of the Port of Houston Authority.  Fitzgerald has worked on the Houston waterfront for 50 years and has been president of ILA Local 28 for two decades.  He is also a vice president in the International ILA.

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Dream It Now: Keep Families Together

More than 200,000 families have been separated by deportation since July 2010. In case you missed it, last week The Dream is Now released a new music video highlighting the importance of keeping families together and supporting a common sense road map to citizenship for aspiring Americans. 

Check out the video and call your representative to support immigration reform at 1-888-787-9658.

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Editorial: Confirm NLRB Members to Protect Nurses

CWA photo

An editorial in the South Jersey Times calls on the U.S. Senate to approve President Barack Obama's nominations to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to ensure nurses at Memorial Hospital of Salem County have their rights to collective bargaining protected.  More than two years ago, the nurses voted to form a union and attempted to enter into contract negotiations with Community Health Systems (CHS), the owner of the hospital.  CHS refused to recognize the union and the appealed the election to the NLRB. The case remains in limbo because of a federal appeals court decision that is obstructing the work of the NLRB by severely limiting the president's authority to make recess appointments when Congress won't act on nominees. 

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Economic Policy Institute: CEOs Recovering Well, Workers Not So Much

Economic Policy Institute: CEOs Recovering Well, Workers Not So Much

CEOs Recovering Well, Workers Not So Much originally appeared on the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) blog

Escalating CEO compensation is a major contributor to income inequality. Along with financial sector pay, growing CEO compensation has helped more than double the income share of the top 1 percent over the past three decades. Moreover, the fact that CEO pay has risen so quickly since the end of the Great Recession is an indicator that the top 1 percent is doing far better than ordinary Americans in the recovery.

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Working America's Dear David: Train in Vain?

Working America's Dear David: Train in Vain?

Train in Vain is a cross-post from Working America’s Dear David workplace advice column


At the company I work for, employees are expected to attend training, usually four hours per day, Monday to Friday, for 30 days (without pay). Once training is completed, they may or may not get a chance to work, because the company has brought on so many people that most of the time only 10 percent can be on the schedule at one time. There are over 3,000 of us with the same job title working for this company all over the country. So many people are getting taken advantage of every day by this company. I know at least 90 percent of us feel the same way. A lawsuit has already been started, but I feel we need to organize and create a union to stop the abuses and manipulation of this company in its tracks. Where do I go from here?

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