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No PR Campaign Will Save Walmart from Being 'Exhibit A' of Bad Worker Policies

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Americans are increasingly fed up with an economy that rewards wealth over work, a message that’s made it all the way to the top. That’s why when the White House hosted a Summit on Worker Voice on Wednesday to highlight the power of working people standing together to demand better jobs and better lives, one notable corporation had been excluded—Walmart.

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Trumka and Sanchez: Let's Celebrate the Contributions of Latinos to the Workforce

Trumka and Sanchez: Let's Celebrate the Contributions of Latinos to the Workforce

We are celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month from Sept. 15-Oct. 15. This is a time when our nation recognizes the significant contributions Latinos make in the United States. We salute the contributions of Latino and immigrant workers and their families to our country and to our workforce. They give new strength to the American Dream and remind us that all labor has dignity. While it is a time to celebrate the diversity of a community that is projected to be one-third of our population in 2050, it is also a time to highlight the issues facing our Latino and immigrant brothers and sisters.

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Hateful. Racist


As the 2016 presidential election approaches, Republican candidates and corporate CEOs are seeking to undermine the unity of working people by employing the politics of fear and division. Time and again, they have tried ugly and manipulative ways to pit us against each other, but working people know that these tired attempts to divide us are simply a distraction from the important issues we face in our lives.

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