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I’m a former West Virginia newspaper reporter, staff writer for the United Mine Workers Journal and managing editor of the Seafarers Log. I came to the AFL- CIO in 1989 and have written for several federation publications, focusing on legislation and politics, especially grassroots mobilization and workplace safety. When my collar was still blue, I carried union cards from the Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers, American Flint Glass Workers and Teamsters for jobs in a chemical plant, a mining equipment manufacturing plant and a warehouse. I’ve also worked as roadie for a small-time country-rock band, sold my blood plasma and played an occasional game of poker to help pay the rent. You may have seen me at one of several hundred Grateful Dead shows. I was the one with longhair and the tie-dye. Still have the shirts, lost the hair.

House Dems, GOP Agree on Export-Import Bank Bill

House Democrats and Republicans have reached an agreement to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank through 2014. Its charter is due to expire May 31. The bank provides loan guarantees to foreign corporations to purchase U.S.-made goods and services. In 2011, financing from the Export-Import Bank helped 3,600 private companies add nearly 300,000 jobs across the country.

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BCTD Endorses Obama

President Obama had a question for the delegates to the AFL-CIO Building and Construction Trades Department’s (BCTD) annual legislative conference in Washington, D.C.

What’s a better way to make our economy stronger?  Giving another tax break to every millionaire and billionaire in the country?  Or building the roads and bridges and broadband networks that will help our businesses sell more goods around the world?

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On May Day, No Borders Between Workers

May Day—International Workers' Day—is a day when there should be no borders or barriers between workers around the world, said Shawna Bader-Blau, executive director of the AFL-CIO’s Solidarity Center, at a special May Day forum at the AFL-CIO headquarters in Washington, D.C., today. The forum focused on the challenges and conditions of Latina and immigrant workers in the United States and women workers around the globe.

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Sutter Nurses on 1-Day Strike for Patient Care

Sutter Nurses on 1-Day Strike for Patient Care

Today, some 4,500 RNs at eight Sutter Health hospitals in the San Francisco Bay Area are holding a one-day strike to dramatize the highly profitable health care chain’s demand for more than 100 sweeping reductions in patient care, nurse standards and workplace conditions.

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May Day: Workers' Rights Must Be Universal

Today, working people around the world are celebrating May Day, International Workers’ Day. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka says the message around the globe is:

Workers’ rights should be universal and every person—no matter what nationality, ethnicity or gender—must have equal rights and the opportunity to achieve a better life.

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Stand 4 Change to Stop Bullying

Every seven minutes somewhere in America a child is bullied, and 160,000 students a day stay home from school because they fear being bullied. On Friday, May 4, students, teachers and school administrators across the nation will Stand 4 Change to send this simple but powerful message:

Bullying is not acceptable in our schools or in our communities.

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No Loot for 'Right to Work' Thief in the Night

Just as a burglar prefers the dark of night and avoids well-lighted homes, Minnesota state Rep. Mark Buesgens (R) tried to skulk through the 2 a.m. dark of night last week to revive a so-called right to work bill that has been stalled after a massive outcry from working families and their allies.

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1,800 University of Oregon Professors Win Union Voice

More than 1,800 University of Oregon faculty members won a voice at work after they chose to join United Academics, an affiliate of AFT Oregon and the American Association of University Professors (AAUP).  The Oregon Employment Relations Board Friday certified the professors’ choice after the university dropped its objections.

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Occupy Your Camera

Occupy Your Camera

The Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild (WBNG) Local 32035 and the Labor Heritage Foundation are sponsoring the “Occupy Now!” photo contest. The winner will be announced at the Great Labor Arts Exchange festival, June 22-25. The contest—with almost $1,000 in prize money—is looking for the great photos of the Occupy movement.

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Win a Week’s Car Rental from Union Plus

Union Plus Car Rental Contest

Looking to save a little money on you next vacation? Let Union Plus put you in the driver’s seat. Enter the new Union Plus contest for a chance to win a week-long car rental. All you need to do is click here and register for program e-mails and mobile alerts. Union Plus will keep you posted about valuable new benefits, future contests and more.

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