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Showing blog posts published on May 1, 2013

Where Does Nationals Player Bryce Harper Get His Work Ethic? His Ironworker Dad, That's Where

Bryce Harper is proud of his union ironworker dad. Image via Wikimedia Commons by UCinternational.

Washington Nationals wunderkind outfielder Bryce Harper works hard.

Where does he get that work ethic? His father, a union ironworker from Las Vegas, who installs rebar on construction sites in sometimes extreme conditions. 

Check out this clip from ESPN's "Bryce Begins." The entire special aired Tuesday night.

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Early Reports in on May Day Actions for Workers' and Immigrant Rights

Wisconsin State AFL-CIO photo

Several major May Day/International Workers' Day marches and rallies—especially in Los Angeles and Las Vegas—are set for late afternoon and early evening start times. But here’s a quick look at some updates from May Day events and tweets from the day’s early actions.

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AFL-CIO Welcomes New Class of Community Services Liaisons

AFL-CIO Welcomes New Class of Community Services Liaisons

Will Fischer, who leads AFL-CIO Community Services, sends us this update welcoming the new class of AFL-CIO Community Services Liaisons:

AFL-CIO Community Services is halfway through wrapping up its annual new staff training. New AFL-CIO Community Services Liaisons and community services representatives from around the country came to Washington, D.C., to receive training that provides them with skills necessary to be more effective in their jobs.

Staff are familiarized with the national AFL-CIO Community Services Network and how Community Services connects to other grassroots work of the AFL-CIO. 

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WaPo Asks: 'Made in America' Manufacturing Revival?

The Washington Post today published a special section—in print and on the Web—about what some say is a resurgence of “Made in America” manufacturing.

In the section’s anchor piece, Brad Plumer writes that some U.S. firms have “reshored” their manufacturing operations in the United States and that even some Chinese companies have located new plants here. He cites a narrowing wage gap between U.S. workers and their foreign counterparts, lower energy and transportation costs and automation as key drivers in moving manufacturing to the United States.

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UW-Madison Students Stage Sit-in At Chancellor's Office In Opposition of Palermo's Pizza Contract

Photo via Student Labor Action Coalition's Facebook feed

Students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison staged a sit-in in Chancellor David Ward's office Tuesday to demand that the school cut ties with Palermo's Pizza because of an on-going strike at the pizza company based on allegations of attacks on workers' rights. A dozen students participated in the sit-in before voluntarily leaving at police requests.  One student, Maxwell Love, refused to leave and was arrested on charges of criminal trespassing and resisting arrest.  Hundreds of supporters of the sit-in rallied outside and a number of them blocked a police van when Love was arrested.

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Carmen Berkley: Will Millennials Come Back to Labor?

As we approach International Workers' Day, also known as May Day, it's hard not to wonder about the future of the labor movement, and whether or not young people in the United States will wake up and see that joining labor unions could be a part of the solution to the nation's 22.9% youth unemployment rate.

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Participate in the 21st Annual 'Stamp Out Hunger' Food Drive, Sponsored by Letter Carriers

The Letter Carriers (NALC) will be holding its 21st annual “Stamp Out Hunger” Food Drive on May 11. The food drive is the largest annual food collection day in the United States. In 2012, the drive collected more than 70 million pounds of food and it has collected nearly 1.2 billion pounds of food since it began in 1993.

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Join May Day Celebrations for Workers' and Immigrant Rights

Join May Day Celebrations for Workers' and Immigrant Rights

Around the United States and across the globe today, workers, unions, activists and allies are celebrating International Workers' Day. May Day is a national holiday in more than 80 nations that honor workers and workers’ rights and celebrates the significant role unions play. May Day actions in the United States this year will place a special emphasis on immigrant rights and the need for comprehensive immigration reform.

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The Future of Work, Unions? Tune into the AFL-CIO Tweet Chat with President Trumka

The Future of Work, Unions? Tune into the AFL-CIO Tweet Chat with President Trumka

We need to talk—about the future of workers and the union movement.

We've all seen the numbers: People are working harder (and have longer hours) and still can't get ahead. Staggering inequality is on the rise and fewer workers have a voice on the job.

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