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You Won't Believe that Doctors Are Denying This Exists

Photo by TV19 - DD Meighen/Flickr

You don't have to be a doctor at Johns Hopkins to know black lung disease when you see it. I know firsthand because I've seen it. I've seen it kill my father, my grandfathers and uncles. They were all coal miners who breathed coal dust for years until their scarred lungs could no longer work and they suffocated.

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Workplace Discrimination Has No Place in America, Pass ENDA Now

Workplace Discrimination Has No Place in America, Pass ENDA Now

In 2013, it's difficult to believe that in many parts of the country, it's legal to fire workers for their sexual orientation or gender identity. In fact, 52% of the LGBTQ population lives in states that do not prohibit employment discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Studies show that more than one in five LGBTQ workers report discrimination on the job.

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Inaction on NLRB Confirmations Is Simply Wrong

Kathleen Von Eitzen

Stall tactics and political brinksmanship in the U.S. Senate have inflicted senseless and avoidable pain on everyday people for far too long. Now we may be on the verge of breaking through.  

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Future of Working People? We're Still Listening

Future of Working People? We're Still Listening

What kind of movement do working people need to build a better future? What changes should labor make? Those are some of the questions I posed to you two months ago—and Daily Kos readers and progressives everywhere have offered all kinds of ideas. We’d like to hear more—even your off-the-wall ideas. Please share your thoughts by commenting on this post or go to We’re still listening. Already, at in-person gatherings as well as online, we’ve heard from more than 5,600 people—union members, activists, allies, academics and others.

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Congress Should End Logjam on NLRB Slate

Most people in Pennsylvania don’t even know what the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is. Well, why should they? Here’s why.

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Trumka: The 'Grand Bargain' Is a Dead End

Most voters agree that big corporations and the wealthy should start paying their fair share in taxes. But, of course, big corporations and the wealthy don’t want to do that. They want to pay less, and they are used to getting their way. So what do you do?

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AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka Statement on the Explosions in Boston

Photo by Hahatango/Flickr Creative Commons

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka responds to the explosions in Boston:

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families who have lost loved ones in the Boston explosions, and those who are coping with the aftermath of such senseless violence. We condemn those who carried out these acts and practice such hatred. 

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New York City Fast-Food Workers: Everyone Deserves a Living Wage

Photo credit: Nora Frederickson

I was honored to be in New York City yesterday supporting Wendy's workers take to the streets for a living wage. They joined hundreds of workers in other fast-food joints across New York City for the largest strike the fast-food industry had ever seen.

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MAKERS: A Reminder of Where We Came from and What We Still Need to Do

MAKERS: A Reminder of Where We Came from and What We Still Need to Do

I’ll tell you the truth, I watched the PBS documentary, MAKERS: The Women Who Make America, because one of our top staffers at the AFL-CIO and Working America—Karen Nussbaum—was in it.  I’m so glad I did.  I had forgotten what a steep climb it has been for women in this country.  It wasn’t that long ago women had little or no place in sports, culture, public life, or the workplace.

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Trumka: White House Inaction on Silica Is Deadly for Workers

Tom Ward was 13 when his father came home from what would be his last day of work. Ward's father "barely made it through the door, fell to the floor and, between tears, said, 'I can't do it anymore.'"

This is an excerpt of "White House Inaction on Silica Is Deadly for Workers," by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, originally published on The Huffington Post. Read the rest

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