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Six Points You Need to Remember as We Head to Election Day

Labor 2012 gets out the vote.

AFL-CIO Political Director Michael Podhorzer sends us this. 

As we head into the final stretch of the election season, these are six overarching points to keep in mind. 

1. Working-class rejection of Bush-Romney-Ryan economics is the defining issue of this year.

A year ago, all the talk was that President Obama could never win with high unemployment. And even more to the point, the early conventional wisdom went further, writing off working-class voters, asserting that the only path available to Obama was upscale voters in states like North Carolina. Yet what we see is that middle-class families are not voting automatically on the basis of the current economic statistics. They are comparing alternative approaches—and rejecting the reverse Robin Hood, union-busting, extreme economic positions of the right.

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Romney-Ryan—Inside and Outside the Beltway, and What's at Stake

AFL-CIO Political Director Michael Podhorzer sends us this. 

Inside the Beltway, (and among tea party activists for whom facts are not particularly relevant)—Paul Ryan is quite well known as a principled fiscal conservative by those who have not actually looked at his proposals but who have fallen for his supposed “truth telling” wonkery. The very "serious people" in Washington admire him because he talks about hard choices. Yet, every objective budget analyst who has looked at his plans know that he’s inviting us to engage in magical thinking. Cut just about everything (without getting too specific) to give even more tax cuts for the rich and, well, the budget will be balanced someday.  Some say that Romney’s already laughably low-paid tax rate would drop to near zero under Ryan’s plan.  

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Wisconsin: Down to the Wire

With a tenure that includes job losses in the thousands—pitting Wisconsin as dead last in the country for job creation—as well as unpopular budget cuts that will cause 17,000 people to lose heath care coverage and ongoing investigations into the moral and ethical integrity of his closest staff and allies, even Gov. Scott Walker knows he can’t credibly tout his record to voters.

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