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An Election Update from Arizona

Donna Gratehouse, who blogs at Democratic Diva and elsewhere on all things Arizona, sends us this.

Newly elected Arizona Rep. Kyrsten Sinema’s Facebook feed is full of comments like this one:

I can hardly believe that you are actually going to be my Congresswoman. That's amazing. I am finally going to feel represented, and I know you'll do a good job. Thank you!

The closely watched and very heated congressional race finally came to a close Monday night when news outlets called the 9th Congressional District for Democratic candidate Sinema. As of this writing, she has a comfortable lead of more than 6,000 votes over Republican challenger and former Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker. Parker conceded yesterday.

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One-Third of Arizona Votes Uncounted Two Days After the Election

Photo courtesy of Adiós Arpaio's Facebook page:

Donna Gratehouse, who blogs at Democratic Diva and elsewhere on all things Arizona, sends us this.

Protesters are chanting “Count our votes! Count our votes!” in a vigil outside the Maricopa County Recorder’s office they've been holding since Wednesday. At issue are an estimated 600,000 outstanding ballots statewide, representing about a third of the 1.8 million votes cast in Arizona on Tuesday night. The majority of the uncounted votes are in Arizona’s most populous county, Maricopa. About a third of these ballots are provisional ones, which are issued when there is a discrepancy in the voter’s polling place or registration information. Promise Arizona, the Latino civic engagement group that organized the vigil in Phoenix, is demanding a transparent count of every vote and an explanation for why so many votes were provisional. Several precincts throughout the county reportedly ran out of provisional ballots, an occurrence unheard of before this election.

Sign the petition: Every Vote Needs to be Counted in Arizona

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Arizona Residents Getting Fired Up to Vote Despite Obstacles

Arizona working families are mobilizing to oust Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Donna Gratehouse, who blogs at Democratic Diva and elsewhere on all things Arizona, sends us this.

Mark Udall is a U.S. senator in Colorado, but he is also an Arizona native and the son of the late Morris K. Udall, a beloved and iconic Arizona senator and 1976 Democratic presidential primary candidate. Sen. Udall toured his home state last Saturday to stump for Richard Carmona, who is running for Arizona’s open Senate seat, and motivate campaign volunteers and staff in what has been a tough, but promising, campaign season for Arizona Democrats.

At the gathering at the coordinated campaign office in north Phoenix, Sen. Udall told the overflowing crowd to ignore pundits and super PACs and focus on getting the vote out for Carmona. He described Carmona’s Republican opponent Rep. Jeff Flake as someone who will “bring ideology to the Senate,” in contrast with Carmona’s pragmatic can-do attitude.

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Adiós Arpaio Group Registers 21,571 Voters

Photo courtesy of Adiós Arpaio's Facebook page:

Donna Gratehouse, who blogs at Democratic Diva and elsewhere on all things Arizona, sends us this.

With a recent poll showing Paul Penzone, Joe Arpaio’s challenger for Maricopa County Sheriff, trailing the longtime incumbent by only a few points, Penzone’s campaign got a shot in the arm yesterday when a coalition of Latino and progressive activists and the Adiós Arpaio campaign delivered more than 21,571 new voter registrations to the county. The effort was led by the Campaign For Arizona’s Future, and on Thursday, a crowd wearing “Adiós Arpaio” T-shirts announced the bonanza of newly registered voters at the Wells Fargo building in downtown Phoenix, where Sheriff Arpaio’s suite of offices is located.  

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Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Issues Executive Order to Symbolically Punish Aspiring Citizens

Diana and Diana, two DREAMers with the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA).

Donna Gratehouse, who blogs at Democratic Diva and elsewhere on all things Arizona, sends us this.

Hundreds of activists gathered at the state Capitol Thursday morning in Phoenix to denounce Gov. Jan Brewer for the appalling executive order she issued on Wednesday, which was the day the Obama administration's Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals went into effect. The federal policy change allows the young people known as "DREAM Act kids" or "DREAMers" to stay in the country and apply for work permits provided they meet certain conditions. An estimated 80,000 Arizonans who were brought into the country illegally as children may be eligible for the program, and many have been excitedly lining up at federal immigration offices around the state to get the forms and instructions. 

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Gov. Brewer Declares War on Voting

Donna Gratehouse, who blogs at Democratic Diva and elsewhere on all things Arizona, sends us this.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer gloated over Monday's Supreme Court decision upholding the racial profiling provision of S.B. 1070, describing it as a victory and vindication. But the governor's buoyed spirits were quickly deflated as she learned the U.S. Department of Homeland Security suspended the 287(g) status of many Arizona law enforcement agencies—287(g) is the agreement that allows state and local police departments to perform some immigration enforcement functions.

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Arizona: Special Election for Gabby Giffords' Seat Today

Ron Barber (D) and Jesse Kelly (R) will be facing each other today in a closely watched special election that strategists in both parties consider somewhat of a bellwether for November. The winner will take the seat former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords vacated back in January to focus on her recovery from the serious injury she sustained a year earlier in a mass shooting at a Tucson shopping center.

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Important Special Election in Arizona

One week after the pivotal Wisconsin recall election, southern Arizona will be holding a special election to replace Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, to serve the remainder of her term. Giffords resigned this year. The June 12 contest will be between Giffords' staffer Ron Barber and Giffords' 2010 opponent, Republican Jesse Kelly. 

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House Vote on Violence Against Women Bill Hurts Native American Women

The House vote to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) is not a bill the majority of Americans can support. It is a badly watered-down version that eliminates protections for millions of women, produced after intense lobbying by a coalition of social conservative groups upon Republican members of Congress.

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Arizona Public Employees Now Barred from Civil Service Protection

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed her pet project of "personnel reform" into law Friday, claiming it will "modernize the state's personnel system" and make state employees "more accountable and efficient, more competitive and productive." In a nutshell: All new state workers in Arizona will have no civil service protections and those on the job now are being offered a small raise to give up their protection. Public-sector workers put up vigorous opposition to the move, saying it will lead to hiring and firing based on politics and favoritism. Even conservative Arizona Republic columnist Robert Robb expressed reservations about it, warning of "potentially dangerous consequences" to turning civil servants performing crucial public functions into at-will employees.

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