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Holiday Spotlight—Enjoy Union-Friendly Seasonal Activities in the City of Brotherly Love

Holiday Spotlight—Enjoy Union-Friendly Seasonal Activities in the City of Brotherly Love

As easy as it is to get caught up in gift giving and capitalism, the holiday season is also a time to look back at the achievements of organized labor in the continuing fight for workers’ rights. In 2016, Philadelphia witnessed massive gains for workers when the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority and the union representing nearly 5,000 workers finalized a new contract providing members wage increases and pension improvements. RNs at four area hospitals voted this year to join the Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses and Allied Professionals—nurses at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children and at Hahnemann University Hospital recently ratified their first union contracts, and RNs at Temple University Hospital ratified a strong new contract as well.

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A Letter of Thanks and Solidarity to Union Members and All Working People


AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka issued a statement this Thanksgiving, reaffirming the labor movement's commitment to hold America's newly elected president accountable to the promises he made to working people, and reaffirming its commitment to vanquish oppression and protect the freedoms for all who live and work here.

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In Missouri, Make Sure to Vote No on Amendment 6

In Missouri, Make Sure to Vote No on Amendment 6

While it seems like the presidential election is dominating the news, social media, interpersonal conversations and pretty much everything else these days, it's important to keep in mind that there are other elections and numerous state and local ballot initiatives to vote for this year, too. One of the most extreme and dangerous ballot initiatives comes from Missouri. Here's why you should vote "no" on Missouri's Amendment 6.

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‘Nobody Deserves to Be Treated Like This’

Warning: The stories in this video discuss graphic sexual harassment and assault.

 As allegations continue to surface about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump sexually assaulting women in the workplace and elsewhere, a new report on Chicago’s hospitality industry shows that the problem is much wider than Trump. A new survey conducted by UNITE HERE Local 1 in Illinois found that nearly half of housekeepers surveyed had guests expose themselves, flash them or answer the door naked. Nearly two-thirds of casino cocktail servers have had a guest grope, pinch, grab or try to touch them in an inappropriate way. Watch the video above and visit Hands Off Pants On to learn more.  

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Trump's Economic Advisers Are Getting Rich Off the Backs of Working People

Seven of the 13 white men on Donald Trump’s economic team are hedge fund managers or Wall Street bankers who made billions off of the housing crisis, and by taking advantage of bankruptcies, and/or investing in companies that price-gauge lifesaving medicines and put workers’ safety at risk. They speculate on risky enterprises and take advantage of government programs designed to repair the destruction left by high-risk lending. Trump’s advisers are focused on maximizing short-term profits for themselves, at times at the expense of the health and well-being of working people. They have shown no interest in developing stable jobs for working people. What kind of an economy can we expect from them?

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