Listening Session Resources

The 2013 AFL-CIO Convention is the time to take bold and decisive action to answer the challenges of working people and unions today and in the future. In advance of the Convention, the AFL-CIO is conducting an unprecedented outreach program to gather the broadest possible array of creative ideas and strategies for building the labor movement that working families need now.


In-person listening sessions provide the opportunity for rank-and-file members, union leaders, community partners and allies to join the discussion in the communities where they live and work. To facilitate this process, the AFL-CIO developed a  "Let's Talk" toolkit  that provides tips on organizing sessions, background on key issues, suggested questions for discussion and a form for reporting back top ideas and recommendations. 

Descargue de guía de instrucciones

"Let's Talk" toolkit for young workers


The 2013 AFL-CIO Convention will feature a series of Action Sessions conducted by and for delegates, community members and other stakeholders each day of the convention, Monday to Wednesday. These sessions will offer the opportunity to learn and develop action strategies about the key issues facing working families and building a broader, stronger labor movement.


Listening Session PowerPoint

Additional Questions to Lead a Discussion on the Global Economy

AFL-CIO Pre-Convention Outreach and Engagement Report  (Updated June 18)