Infrastructure, Jobs and Reducing Emissions: Upgrading Natural Gas Distribution Systems

Monday, September 9 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm
Location: Room 406-B

This action session is a workshop to discuss our national effort to fund long-term upgrades of natural gas distribution systems and get participants started on building the local coalition needed to be successful. Upgrading natural gas distribution systems can create tens of thousands of jobs over a decade or more, mostly in the construction occupations but also in manufacturing. These upgrades would reduce fugitive methane emissions that cost consumers millions and contribute to climate change. The AFL-CIO and the BlueGreen Alliance have formed a partnership to work across the nation helping unions and utilities build the case for these upgrades. Come see if we can help you start a project in your hometown.


Brad Markell, Executive Director, Industrial Union Council, AFL-CIO



Dave Foster, Executive Director, Blue-Green Alliance
Roxanne Brown, Assistant Legislative Director, USW
David Barnett, Special Representative, UA
Carl Wood, National Director, Government and Regulatory Affairs, UWUA