AFL-CIO Now - Convention 2013

President Barack Obama Addresses AFL-CIO Convention


Kenneth Quinnell

While President Obama had to stay in Washington, D.C., to address the situation in Syria, he sent a video message to the convention attendees, thanking them for their hard work and reiterating his support for unions and working families. Watch the video in the post. 

In the video, Obama endorses union membership:

If I'm someone looking for a good job with good wages that lets me build some security for my family, then I'd join a union, because I'd want a union looking out for me.

And champions the right to organize and for workers to have their rights protected:

We need to keep fighting for a true right to organize, where workers are free from discrimination and intimidation on the job. And that's why, with your help, I pushed to get the National Labor Relations Board back to full strength for the first time in a decade.