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XII. Trade and Industrial Departments

Section 1
The Trade and Industrial Departments shall be subordinate to the Federation and shall consist of the following: Building and Construction Trades ­Department; Maritime Trades Department; Metal Trades Department; Department for Professional Employees; Transportation Trades Department; Union Label and Service Trades Department; and such other departments as may be established by the Executive Council or the convention. Each department is to manage and finance its own affairs and may establish local councils of departments. Affiliation to the departments in the Federation shall be open to all appropriate affiliated national and international unions and organizing committees.

Section 2
To be entitled to representation in any ­department, national and international unions and ­organizing committees eligible to join it must first be and remain in affiliation to the Federation.

Section 3
To be entitled to representation in local councils of departments, local unions are required to be part of affiliated national and international unions and organizing committees affiliated to departments or to be directly affiliated to the Federation.

Section 4
The fundamental laws and procedure of each department are to conform to and be administered in the same manner as the laws and procedure governing the Federation. No department or local council of the same shall enact laws, rules or regulations in conflict with the laws and procedure governing the Federation, and in the event of change of laws, rules, regulations and procedures of the latter, departments and local councils are to change their laws, rules and regulations to conform to them.

Section 5
Each department is to be considered an official method of the Federation for transacting the portion of its business indicated by the name of the department, in consequence of which affiliated and eligible organizations should be part of their respective departments and should comply with the actions and decisions of such departments, subject to appeal to the Executive Council and the convention. An organization affiliated with one or more departments shall pay per capita tax to each such department upon the number of members whose occupation comes under such department.

Section 6
The officers of the various departments shall, during years in which an AFL-CIO convention is held, submit a report of the work done by their department and its general condition to the President for inclusion in the Executive Council report to the convention, and shall, during years in which a convention is not held, submit such a report to the President for presentation to an Executive Council meeting designated by the President.

Section 7
The chief executive officer of each department shall be present at all regular meetings of the Executive Council.

Section 8
Departments of the Federation shall have their headquarters in Washington, D.C., and in the headquarters of the Federation unless permitted to locate elsewhere.


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